Marilyn Mason
Marilyn Mason
University of Michigan Archives

Marilyn Mason in Recital #8420 (Encore of #8207)

…a program of mostly new, commissioned works recorded on the Casavant organ of Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, and recorded during the American Guild of Organist’s 1980 National Convention in Minnesota.

Part 1

JEAN-ADAM GUILAIN: Magnificat de Troisieme Ton

VINCENT PERSICHETTI: Dryden Liturgical Suite, Opus 144

Part 2

ALBERTO GINASTERA: Variationi e Toccata sopra Aurura lucis rutilat, Opus 52, premiere

WILLIAM ALBRIGHT: The King of Instruments, A Parade of Music and Verse

William Albright, narrator; Marilyn Mason (1963 Casavant Frères/Central Lutheran, Minneapolis, MN) recorded June 18, 1980