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Continuing support of PIPEDREAMS is provided in loving memory of Wesley and Lucinda

2013 Taylor & Boody
2013 Taylor & Boody/Grace Church, New York, NY
Taylor & Boody

Dudley by their family, with additional support from Walter McCarthy, Clara Ueland, and the Greystone Foundation, by Jan and Steve Kirchner, by the Art and Martha Kaemmer Fund of the HRK Foundation, and by listener-contributors to this public radio station. Support also comes from the member organizations of APOBA, the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, a collaborative of designers, creators, and maintainers of pipe organs found in religious and educational institutions, concert halls, and residences throughout the United States and beyond. An APOBA resource guide and member prospectus is available at APOBA.COM or by calling 800-473-5270.

Affiliate members of APOBA include Taylor & Boody Organbuilders of Staunton, VA.