Concertos for Organ #8447

…An exploration of several little-known organ concertos, some with and some without extra instruments.

FRANTISEK XAVER BRIXI: Concerto in C for Organ and Orchestra  Prague Chamber Orchestra/Frantisek Vajnar, conductor; Jan Hora (1980 Jehmlich)

JOHANN GOTTFRIED WALTHER: Concerto in a minor after Sigr. Torelli for Solo Organ  Wolfgang Rübsam (1979 Felsberg/St. Martin's Cathedral, Colmar)

HANS FRIEDRICH MICHEELSEN: Solo Organ Concerto in Es sungen drei Engel  Margaret Dickinson (1983 Steiner-Reck/University of Louisville, Kentucky)

JOHN STANLEY: Concerto in A Major, Op. 10, No. 5 for Organ and Strings  Northern Sinfonia Orchestra; Gerald Gifford (1975 Phelps/St. Andrew, Hexham, United Kingdom)

JEAN LANGLAIS: Concerto No. 2 for Organ and Strings  Stockholm Symphony Orchestra/Kjell Ingebretsen, conductor; Kjell Johnsen (1964 Groelunds/Elgelbrekts Church, Stockholm)