Leo Sowerby playing the organ
Leo Sowerby playing the organ

Comes Autumn Time #8455

…the music of American composer Leo Sowerby, introduced by one of his former pupils, Professor Robert Rayfield of Indiana University.

LEO SOWERBY: Comes Autumn Time  -Gunther Kaunzinger

LEO SOWERBY: Prelude on Deus Tuorum Militum  -Robert Rayfield

LEO SOWERBY: Fantasy on Flute Stops  -Robert Rayfield

LEO SOWERBY: Psalm 122 (I was glad)  -Douglas Major

LEO SOWERBY: Prelude on Psalm 46  -Janice Beck

LEO SOWERBY: Fast and Sinister (2nd movement), from Organ Symphony in G  -David Mulbury

LEO SOWERBY: Ballade for English Horn and Organ  -Thomas Stacy, English horn; Calvin Hampton

LEO SOWERBY: Pageant  -Robert Rayfield