Marilyn Mason (1925-2019)
Marilyn Mason (1925-2019)

Archive of Marilyn Mason in Recital #8420

…a program of mostly new, commissioned works recorded on the Casavant organ of Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, and recorded during the American Guild of Organist’s 1980 National Convention in Minnesota.

Part 1

JEAN-ADAM GUILAIN: Magnificat de Troisieme Ton

VINCENT PERSICHETTI: Dryden Liturgical Suite, Opus 144

Part 2

ALBERTO GINASTERA: Variationi e Toccata sopra Aurura lucis rutilat, Opus 52, premiere

WILLIAM ALBRIGHT: The King of Instruments, A Parade of Music and Verse

William Albright, narrator; Marilyn Mason (1963 Casavant Frères/Central Lutheran, Minneapolis, MN) recorded June 18, 1980