1961 Holtkamp/St. John’s Abbey Church, Collegeville, MN
1961 Holtkamp/St. John’s Abbey Church, Collegeville, MN
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Solstice of Light #8570

…A rare American performance of the 1979 cantata by Peter Maxwell Davies, based on a text by George Mackay Brown evocative of the early Celtic civilization on the Orkney Islands, and some lessons for our own. Recordings were made in concert at St. John's Benedictine Abbey and University Church in Collegeville, Minnesota. Organ by Walter Holtkamp, Sr. (1962)

ANONYMOUS: Selections from the Warsaw Organ Tablature (17th century)  Marek Kudlicki

SIR PETER MAXWELL DAVIES: Cantata, Solstice of Light (text by George Mackay Brown)  Dan Dressen, tenor; The Carleton Chamber Singers; William Wells, conductor; Larry Archbold

: I. New Hills and Lochs and Shores (chorus, organ)

: II. The Mild Circle of the Sun (organ)

: III. We Rowed Blindly North and North (men, organ)

: IV. Green Whirls of Melted Ice (organ)

: V. The Hills, the Skies, the Sweet and the Salt Waters (chorus, organ)

: VI. Earthbreakers, Hewers of Mighty Stone (organ)

: VII. Circles of Stone on the Blank Moor (tenor, chorus, organ)

: VIII. Solstice of Light (chorus, organ)

: IX. The Celtic Priests (women, organ)

: X. The White Weave of Peace (organ)

: XI. Hawkship (chorus)

: XII. Norsemen (tenor, organ)

: XIII. Invocation of the Dove (organ)

: XIV. Prayer for These Islands: New Troves (tenor, chorus, organ)

JACQUES IBERT: Trois Pieces (Piece Solennelle; Musette; Fugue)  Marek Kudlicki