Photo–John Schroeder

The Sound of History (I) #8604 (Encore of #8306)

…German organist and historian Harald Vogel introduces us to some of the best-preserved antique organs of northern Germany and Holland.

Instruments in the towns of Groningen, Rysum, Oosthuizen, Steinkirchen, Stade and Buttforde are heard in music by Attaignant, Praetorius, Weckmann, Scheidt, Bruhns, Lubeck and J. S. Bach.

Harald Vogel is director of the North German Organ Academy, a recognized authority on “authentic” historic keyboard performance techniques, and increasingly well-known in America for his seminars and recitals.

VINCENT LUBECK: Praeludium in C (E) (1679 Huss-Schnitger/St. Cosmae Et Damiani, Stade, Germany)

HIERONYMUS PRAETORIUS: A solis ortus cardine (1679 Huss-Schnitger/St. Cosmae Et Damiani, Stade, Germany)

BUXHEIM ORGAN BOOK: Patrem annipotentem (1457 Harmannus/Reformierte Kirche, Rysum, Germany)

ORLANDO di LASSO: Motet, Certa fortiter (2 versions) (1457 Harmannus/Reformierte Kirche, Rysum, Germany)

BUXHEIM ORGAN BOOK: Redeuntes in mi (1457 Harmannus/Reformierte Kirche, Rysum, Germany)

PIERRE ATTAIGNANT: Magnificat 8 ton (verses) (Oosthuizen)

HEINRICH SCHEIDEMANN: Magnificat 8 ton (verses) (1702 Schnitger/Aakerk, Groningen, The_Netherlands)

ANONYMOUS: German Dances (Steinkirchen)

LUNEBURG TABULATURE: Praeludium in C. LUNEBURG TABULATURE: Aeterna fac. (Osterholz-Scharmbeck)

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Toccata in G (Buttforde)

NICOLAUS BRUHNS: Praeambulum in e (1702 Schnitger/Aakerk, Groningen, The_Netherlands)

Filler: J.S. BACH: Trio in d (Andante) – (Aa-Kerk, Groningen)