The Sound of (the) Silents #8587

…An entertaining glimpse at the show-biz cousin to the “king of instruments,” the theater organ, once the ubiquitous accompaniment to the action on the silver screen, now a popular attraction in its own right. Guest commentator Karl Eilers joins host Michael Barone in examining just what a “theater organ” is, and what it can do.

: Another Op'nin', Another Show  Walter Strony (Wurlitzer/Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, Arizona)

: Abba-Dabba Honeymoon  Lyn Larsen (Wurlitzer/Norman Cosmetics Tower of Beauty)

: Memory Lanes; I Wonder Why; My Buddy Medley  Leonard Leigh (Wurlitzer/KSTP-FM, St. Paul)

: Make Believe  Jessie Crawford (Wurlitzer)

: Flying Scotsman  Sidney Torch (Wurlitzer/Gaumont Theater, Kilburn, England)

: Little Rock Getaway  Heidi and Dennis James (Wurlitzer/Len Rawle Studio)

: Crazy Rondo (after Mozart)  George Wright (Wurlitzer/Wright Studio)

: Funny Valentine  George Wright (Wurlitzer/San Francisco Fox Theater)

: Sassy Brass  Buddy Cole (Wurlitzer-Morton/Cole Studio)

: My Heart Belongs to Daddy  Johnny Seng (Mundelein College, Chicago)

: Weep No More  Tom Sheen (Wurlitzer/Joseph Spur resident)

: Toccata (Jongen)  Walter Strony (Mundelein College, Chicago)

: Touch Me in the Morning  Billy Nalle (Wurlitzer/Century II Center, Wichita, KS)

: Cole Porter Medley  George Wright (Wurlitzer/New Wright Studio organ)