Pipe Organ Potpourri - The Organ in Church #8439

…Recordings by American organists David Craighead, William Porter, William Kuhlman and Laraine Olson Waters.

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Hymn Preludes. J.S. BACH: Hymn Preludes. HELMUT WALCHA: Hymn Preludes. JOHANNES BRAHMS: Hymn Preludes  David Craighead (1983 VanDaalen/ehovah Lutheran Church, St. Paul)

HEINRICH SCHEIDEMANN: Magnificat on the First Tone (1981 Brombaugh/Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin College)

CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR: Organ Symphony No. 10, Op. 73 (Symphonie Romane)  Laraine Olson Waters (1938 Aeolian-Skinner/National Cathedral, Washington, Washington_Dc)

PETR EBEN: Finale, from "Musica Dominicalis"  William Kuhlman (1978 Sipe/Luther College, Decorah, Iowa)