Our American Heritage #8445

…An appreciative look at America's organ-building past. Special guest William van Pelt of the Organ Historical Society is convinced of the importance of preserving antique instruments, and demonstrates their variety and character with many recorded examples.

N.W. BERKLEY: Elk's Danville Carnival March  Earl Miller (1879 Kilgen/Grace & Peace Fellowship, St. Louis, Missouri)

JOHANN PACHELBEL: Fuga in C  Philip Cooper (1799 Tanenberg/Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison, Virginia)

JEREMIAH CLARKE: Duke of Gloucester's March  James Darling (1760 Snetzler/Wrenn Chapel, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia)

SAMUEL WESLEY: 2 pieces, from 12 Pieces for Organ. J.S. BACH: Prelude and Fugue in E, from WTC II  Peter Williams (1830 Appleton/Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC)

DUDLEY BUCK: Grand Sonata in E-Flat, Op. 23 (finale)  George Bozeman (1861 E. & G.G. Hook/Holy Cross, Marine-City, Michigan)

CHARLES GOUNOD: Marche Militaire  Earl Miller (1864 E. & G.G. Hook/Mechanics Hall, Worcester, Massachusetts)

HENRY PURCELL: Chaconne, from The Fairy Queen  Earl Miller (1860 J.G. Pfeffer/St. Martin's Church, Starkenburg, Missouri)

CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNS: Fugue in C, Op. 101, No. 3  Rosalind Mohnsen (1879 J.G. Pfeffer/St. Mary's Church, Fort Madison, Iowa)

CHARLES-MARIE WIDOR: Andante sostenuto, from Symphony No. 9  David Engen (1877 Johnson & Son/Abbey, Mankato, Minnesota)

LOUIS JAMES ALFRED LEFÉBURE-WÉLY: Sortie in E-Flat  Earl Miller (1933 Kimball/Memorial Auditorium, Worcester, Massachusetts)