1692 Schnitger organ at Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany
1692 Schnitger organ at Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany

Going On Record #8927

…A quarterly survey of recent organ recordings which emphasize the unusual and the unusually attractive. Program host Michael Barone plays arbiter of taste.

Haydn: Flute Clock Pieces  Eugenia Zukerman, f; Anthony Newman, organist (Rieger/SUNY-Purchase)

Burhns: Praeludium in e  Bernard Foccroulle (1692 Arp Schnitger/Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany)

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Canzona in G  Paul Jordan (1987 Schucke/SUNY-Binghamton)

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Chorale-prelude, Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich  James Kibbie (1692 Arp Schnitger/Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany)

Clerambault: Plein Jeu, fr Suite No. 2. LOUIS VIERNE: Scherzo, fr Organ Symphony No. 5  Sandra Soderlund (1987 Rosales/Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon)

LOUIS VIERNE: Final, fr Organ Symphony No. 4  Pierre Cochereau (1868 Cavaille-Coll/Cathedrale Notre Dame, Paris, France)

Finzi: Anthem, God is Gone Up  Grand Rapids Chamber Choir/Larry Biser; Jonathan Tuuk, organist (1981 Wicks/St. Adalbert's Basilica, Grand Rapids, Michigan)

JOSEPH CORFE: Anthem, My voice shalt thou hear  St. Luke's Church Choir/Richard Webster

Whitlock: Allegretto, fr Five Short Pieces  Robert Gower (1909 Hill/Selby Abbey)

CHARLES-VALENTIN ALKAN: Music for Organ or Pedal-Piano  Kevin Bowyer (1877 Willis/Cathedral, Salisbury, United Kingdom)

CÉSAR FRANCK: Piece heroique  Anthony Newman (1987 Rieger/Episcopal Church of the Holy Trinity, New York City)

Mussorgsky (trans. Guillou): Pictures at an Exhibition  Jean Guillou (1988 Kleuker-Steinmeyer/Tonhalle, Zurich, Switzerland/Tonhalle, Zurich, Switzerland)

Mussorgsky (trans. John): Pictures at an Exhibition  Keith John (1988 Kleuker-Steinmeyer/Tonhalle, Zurich, Switzerland/Tonhalle, Zurich, Switzerland)

Medley: Singin' In the Bathtub and the other Theater Organ Favorites  Jim Riggs (1927 Wurlitzer/Alabama Theater, Birmingham)

Mulet: Tu es petra, fr Byzantine Sketches  Virgil Fox (1750 Gabler/Abbey, Weingarten, Germany)

VARIOUS: "Top Twenty Hymns"  various cathedral choirs recorded by BBC