An Organist's Yearbook #8952

…The annual summary of events of consequence in the world of the “King of Instruments,” paying special attention to young artists, recent installations, triumphs, and tragedies.

SEARLE WRIGHT: Carol-Prelude on Greensleeves  Philip Brunelle (1981 Holtkamp/Plymouth Congregational, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

J.S. BACH: Prelude & fugue in A, S. 536  Wolfgang Rübsam (1692 Schnitzer/Martinikerk, Groningen, Netherlands/Martinikerk, Groningen, The_Netherlands)

JOHANN LUDWIG KREBS: Chorale-prelude, Zeuch ein zu deinen Toren  Gerhard Weinberger (1750 Gabler/Abbey, Weingarten, Germany)

Butterly: Fanfare for a Ceremony  David Kinsela (1979 Sharp organ/Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, Australia)

CHARLES-VALENTIN ALKAN: Grand Preludes, Op. 66 (originally for pedal-piano)  John Wells (1907 Willis organ/St. Matthew's Church, Auckland, New Zealand)

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Fugue in Bb, Op. 35, no. 6 (original for piano)  Christoph Bossert (1850 Schoenach organ/Kastelruth Parish Church, Germany)

Schmidt: Prelude and Fugue in Eb (1928)  Andreas Juffinger (Jesus Christus Church, Berlin)

CHARLES TOURNEMIRE: Fioretti No. 1  Robert Sutherland Lord (1927 Skinner & 2013 Quimby/Cathedral, Saint Paul, Minnesota)

Mader: Afternoon of a Toad  Cherry Rhodes (1935 Aeolian-Skinner organ/St. Paul Cathedral, San Francisco, CA)

Beckwith: Voluntary  Randall Jay McCarty (1860 chamber organ/Grace Cathedral)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Chorale-prelude, Rejoice greatly, o my soul. Battman: March No. 4  Earl Miller (Vocalion reed organ)

J.S. BACH: Bist du bei mi r  Keith Chapman (1750 Gabler/Abbey, Weingarten, Germany)

MAURICE DURUFLÉ: Improvisation  Marie-Madeleine Durufle (Riverside Church recital, concert tape)

Parry: Chorale-prelude on St. Anne  Graham Matthews 91966 Mander organ/Sheffield Cathedral, England) Herald Cd-116