1750 Gabler organ in Weingarten Abbey, Germany.
1750 Gabler organ in Weingarten Abbey, Germany.
Fr. Eric Hollas

In Some Monastery Gardens #9025

…Historic monastic churches in Europe have provided fertile beds for organ music over many centuries.

ALEXANDRE GUILMANT: Grand Choeur Triomphale in A, Op. 47, No. 2  Christopher Herrick (1872 Willis; 1992 Mander/St. Paul Cathedral, London, United Kingdom)(1937 Harrison/Westminster Abbey, London, United Kingdom)

LOUIS-NICOLAS CLERAMBAULT: Suite du Premiere Ton  Lionel Rogg (1766 Reipp/Ottobeuren Abbey)

JOHANN ERNST EBERLIN and LEOPOLD MOZART: 4 Pieces, from Der Morgen und der Abend  Roland Muhr (1736 Fux/Fuerstenfeld Cloister)

PERCY WHITLOCK: 4 Pieces (Allegretto; Folk Tune; Scherzo; Rustic Cavalry March)  Robert Gower (1909 Hill/Selby Abbey, England)

GEORG BÖHM: Chorale-prelude, Vater unser im Himmelreich  Christian Collum (1727 König/Basilica, Steinfeld, Germany)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: 2 Cathedral Windows, Op. 106 (No. 1, Kyrie eleison; No. 5, Saluto anglico)  Beuron Abbey Schola; Stefan Johannes Bleicher (1978 Klais/Beuron Abbey)

J.S. BACH: Passacaglia in c, S. 582  Andre Isoir (1750 Gabler/Abbey, Weingarten, Germany)