1882 Steere and Turner organ at Pullman United Methodist Church.
1882 Steere and Turner organ at Pullman United Methodist Church.
Pastor Luther C. Mason

Americana Revisited, Part 4 #8589

…Another program in a continuing, irregular series devoted to our historic American pipe organ heritage, featuring recordings from the archives of the Organ Historical Society and comments from OHS executive director William Van Pelt. This program focuses on organs in and around Chicago.

CHARLES GOUNOD: Grand Processional March, from The Queen of Sheba  William C. Aylesworth (1888 Johnson/Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church)

SAMUEL WESLEY: Andante and Slow, from Short Pieces  Peter Crisafulli (1904 Schaefer/St. Mary's Church, Buffalo Grove)

CHARLES WESLEY, Sr.: Voluntary in d minor. JOSEF RHEINBERGER: Monologue, Op. 162, No. 5  Naomi Rowley (1888 Witzmann/Immanuel United church, Streamwood)

FREDERIC ARCHER: Motivo and Allegretto con moto, from Archer's Organ Book  Michael Surratt (1891 Frank Roosevelt/St. James' Church)

ALAN HOVHANESS: Organ Sonata No. 2 (Invisible Sun), Op. 386 (world premiere)  Douglas Reed (1882 Steere & Turner/Pullman UMC, Chicago, Illinois)

JEHAN ALAIN: Deuxieme Fantaisie  Joseph Downing (1983 Casavant/St. Clement's Church)

EUGÈNE GIGOUT: Toccata, from 12 Pieces  Lois Regestein (1915 Austin organ; Medinah Temple)

H.M. DUNHAM: Fantasia and Fugue in d minor, Op. 19  George Bozeman (1894 Van Dinter/St. Peter and Paul Church, Huntington, IN)