From the Cathedral #8572

…Performances by Minnesota organists Howard Don Small and James Melby, recorded on the 4-manual Welte-Moller-Gould organ (1928-1983) at St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

HEALY WILLAN: Fanfare. GERALD BALES: final movement from "Petite Suite".  Gerald Bales. recorded by Ronald Ubel

ALBERTO GINASTERA: Toccata, Villancico and Fugue. G.F. HANDEL: Concerto in F, Op. 4, No. 4. LEO SOWERBY: Fantasy for Flutes  Howard Don Small. recorded by Russell Borud

GERALD NEAR: A Triptych of Fugues (1965) I. Lively, with dash; II. Slowly, expressively; III. Broadly. JULIUS REUBKE: Sonata on the 94th Psalm  James Melby.

Fill music at the program's end is “Paean” by HERBERT HOWELLS, played by James Melby.