Still More Houston Highlights #9212

…A final installment of concert recordings made mostly during the 1988 American Guild of Organists national convention in a very organ-rich Texas town.

LOUIS COUPERIN: Chaconne in g  Meg Flowers (1990 C.B. Fisk/Palmer Memorial, Houston, Texas)

MAURICE DURUFLÉ: Suite for Organ, Op. 5  Olivier Latry (1986 Schantz/Grace Presbyterian Church)

MacDowell: 2 Pieces (Maestoso; A.D. MDCXX; To a wild rose)  J. Melvin Butler (1990 C.B. Fisk/Palmer Memorial, Houston, Texas)

PETR EBEN: Laudes (1964)  Mary Preston (1979 Visser-Rowland/Westbury Baptist Church)

GERRE HANCOCK: Improvisation on Submitted Themes  Gerre Hancock (1966 Aeolian-Skinner/First United Methodist Church)

Exciting repertoire, excitingly played.