Archive of La Corona #9233

…a ring of words and music, crowned by Ernst Krenek's imposing setting of mystical poems of John Donne.

FREDERICK SWANN: Hymn prelude, Crown him with many crowns –Frederick Swann (1962 Aeolian-Skinner; 1977 Ruffatti/Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA) Gothic G58519

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Chaconne in e –Wolfgang Rübsam (1979 Felsburg/Église Saint-Martin, Colmar, France) Bellaphon 690.10.023

LOUIS MOONDOG HARDIN ("Moondog"): Chaconne in C; Logrundr Number 17 in E –Fritz Storfinger (Herz-Jesu Church, Oberhausen, Germany) MHS 3803

KARL HOLLER: Ciacona for Organ, Opus 54 –Franz Lehrndorfer (1959 Steinmeyer/Hochschule für Musik, Munich, Germany) Wergo WER 60106-50

ERNST KRENEK: La Corona, Opus 91, from a song cycle on texts by John Donne –Janis Hardy, mezzo soprano; Lawrence Weller, baritone; John David Olson, percussion; Thomas Lancaster, conductor, Dean Billmeyer. Pipdreams Archive

WILLIAM WALTON (arranged Murrill): Crown Imperial –Simon Preston (1984 Harrison/Westminster Abbey, London, England, UK) Argo 430 145