The OHS in Louisiana #9321

…Sounds of mostly antique American-built instruments recorded in recitals of the Organ Historical Society.

Anonymous: "March for Governor Robertson of Louisiana". Anonymous: 3 Dances of Louisiana and Mississippi  James Darling (1837 Erben/St. Paul's Episcopal, Woodville, Mississippi)

HORATIO PARKER: "Marcia Religiosa"  Rosalind Mohnson (1910 Kilgen/Parker Memorial United Methodist, New Orleans)

LOUIS JAMES ALFRED LEFÉBURE-WÉLY: Pastorale  Donald Messer (1887 Hook & Hastings/Felicity United Methodist Church, New Orleans)

Boyce: Voluntary No. 1. Grobe: "Dixie's Land" with Brillian Variations  George Bozeman (1886 Pilcher/Grace Episcopal Church, St. Francisville, Louisiana)

Ginastera: Toccata, Villancico & Fugue  William Teague (1959 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Shreveport)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: "Hymn to the Stars", Op. 96, No. 7  Lorenz Maycher (1926 Skinner/Temple Sinai, New Orleans)

Traditional: Hymn, "Let all mortal flesh"  Bruce Stevens (1870 Jardine/St. Theresa of Avila Church, New Orleans)

Eddy: Festival prelude on "Old Hundredth". Bingham: Hymn-prelude, "Olivet"  Lenora McCroskey (1921 Hinners/St. John Catholic Church, Edgard, Louisiana)

MAX REGER: 2 chorale-preludes on "Allein Gott"  Gerald Frank (1905 Pilcher/Temple B'Nai Israel, Natchez)

HANS FRIEDRICH MICHEELSEN: Toccata on "Praise to the Lord"  J. Thomas Mitts (1912 Tellers-Sommerhof/Holy Trinity Catholic Church, New Orleans)

Hewitt: "The Fourth of July"  Garry John Savoie (1909 Hinners/St. Martin, Martinsville, Wisconsin)

EDWIN H. LEMARE: "Bell Scherzo"  Frederick Hohman (1986 Goulding & Wood/Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans)

CHARLES TOURNEMIRE: Chorale-improvisation, "Victimae Paschali"  Jesse E. Eschbach (1861 Simmons & Wilcox/St. Mary's Assumption Church, New Orleans)