1692 Schnitger organ at Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany
1692 Schnitger organ at Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany

Going On Record #9418

…A survey of recent recordings, focusing on sonic and emotional appeal and variety. This material also appeared as the Winter/Spring 1994 Fundraiser.

Weckman: Canzona in c. HEINRICH SCHEIDEMANN: Praeludium No. 11 in F  organist Gustav Leonhardt (1692 Arp Schnitger/Ludgerikirche, Norden, Germany)

DIETERICH BUXTEHUDE: Praeludium in A (#151)  organist Rene Saorgin (1721 F.C. Schnitger/Grotekerk, Zwolle, Holland)

J.S. BACH: Prelude in C, s. 545; 3 Settings of Vom Himmel hoch, S. 700/S. 769/S. 606  organist Karin Nelson (1992 Brombaugh/Hagakirche, Goeteborg, Sweden)

J.S. BACH: Fugue in C, S. 547  organist Christopher Herrick (1981 Metzler/Jesuit Church, Lucerne, Switzerland)

SIGFRID KARG-ELERT: Chorale-Improvisation, In dulci juilo, Op. 75, no. 2  organist Harry Wilkerson (1931 Skinner/Girard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Magnificat Verse, Op. 18; Fugue in B, Op. 7, no. 1  organist Alan Morrison (1986 Austin/Usinus College Chapel, Collegeville, Pennsylvania)

HENRY PURCELL: trumpet tune in C, from The Indian Queen; Voluntary in D minor, Z. 718  organist John Butt (1988 Greg Harrold Spanish Style organ [Opus 11]/University Of California, Berkeley, California)

Elgar: Anthem, The Spirit of the Lord, from The Apostles  organist Norman McBeth; Choir of St. James' Cathedral, Toronto/Giles Bryant, conductor

RONALD ARNATT: All Things Bright and Beautiful  organist John Walker (1995 Reuter/Shadyside Presbyterian, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Friml: Only a Rose  organist Chris Elliott (1926 Wurlitzer/Shea's Buffalo Theatre)

Sullivan: The Pirates of Penzance Overture  organist Peter Conte (1930 Aeolian/Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania)

CÉSAR FRANCK: Piece heroique  organist David Schrader (1992 Jaeckel/Pilgrim Congregational, Duluth, Minnesota)

Filler/Weckmann: Canzona in c