Marcel Dupré sitting at an organ.
Marcel Dupré sitting at an organ.
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Homage to Marcel Dupré #9420

…Unusual compositions and extraordinary performances in tribute to the great French teacher, composer and virtuoso.

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Poéme héroïque, Op. 33  Dallas wind symphony/Frederick Fennell, conductor; Paul Riedo (1992 Fisk)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Berceuse, from Suite Bretonne, op. 21; Prelude in g, Op. 7, no. 3  organist Marcel Dupre (Queen's Hall, London)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Prelude & Fugue in g, Op. 7, no. 3  organist Wayne Marshall (1962 Harrison/Coventry Cathedral)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Invention in G, Op. 50, no. 3; Chorale-prelude, Der Tag, der ist so freudenreich, Op. 28, no. 19  organist Francoise Renet (1862 Cavaillé-Coll/Church of St. Sulpice, Paris/St. Sulpice, Paris, France)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: 3 Pieces, Op. 62  organist Winfried Petersen (1871 Ladegast/Schwerin Cathedral)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Triptyque, Op. 51  organist Michael Murray (1877 Willis/Cathedral, Salisbury, United Kingdom)

MARCEL DUPRÉ: Cortege & Litany, Op. 19, no. 2  John Fenstermaker (1934 Aeolian-Skinner/Grace Cathedral, San-Francisco, California)

JAMES HOPKINS: Fantasy on Cortege et Litanie; Homage to Marcel Dupre  organist Cherry Rhodes (1934 Aeolian-Skinner/Grace Cathedral, San-Francisco, California)