Sowerby in Chicago (I)
Sowerby in Chicago (I)

Sowerby in Chicago (I) #9518

…performances from Saint James Cathedral and Saint Thomas the Apostle Church, and comments by Sowerby biographer Ronald Huntington.

SOWERBY: Comes Autumn Time [1916]

SOWERBY: Madrigal [1915]

SOWERBY: Dialogue for Piano and Organ [1967]

SOWERBY: Medieval Poem 1926, version for organ, piano and soprano –Gail Quillman, piano; Blanche Schulz, soprano; Ronald Stalford, organ; recorded May 6, 1990

SOWERBY: Symphony in G for Organ, movements II Fast and Sinister and III PasssacagliaThomas Weisflog, organ; recorded May 7, 1990


These selections were recorded at concerts given under the auspices of the Leo Sowerby Foundation, 135 Wintergreen Way, Rochester, NY 14618.