1974 Harrison/Wells Cathedral, England, UK
1974 Harrison/Wells Cathedral, England, UK
Wells Cathedral

Archive of Spirits and Places #9538

…impressions of personalities, picturesque locales, and the mythic muse.

PERCY WHITLOCK: Plymouth Suite (1937) –Jennifer Bate (1957 Rushworth & Dreaper/St. Andrew, Plymouth, England, UK) Hyperion CDA66033

JOSEPH BONNET: ElfesJane Parker-Smith (1962 Harrison & Harrison/Coventry Cathedral, England, UK) ASV CD-539

SAMUEL SCHEIDT: Cantilena Angelica Fortunae –Elisabeth Garnier (1981 Garnier/Cathédrale Saint Étienne, Metz, France) Arion ARN68642

HANNES MEYER: Suite PaysanneHannes Meyer, o; Sonare Quartet. Claves CD 50 8511

ERNST BACON: Spirits and Places (12 movements honoring American personages and geography of the native soil) –Marion Ruhl Metson (1983 Bozeman/St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Brookline, MA) Raven OAR-130