Speaking English #9733

A celebration of British contributions to the organ’s repertoire over five centuries.

PERCY WHITLOCK: Fanfare, from 4 Extemporisations –Christopher Herrick (1984 Harrison/Westminster Abbey, London, England, UK) Hyperion CDA66121

ANONYMOUS 16th century: I smile to see. HENRY PURCELL: Voluntary in G. WILLIAM BOYCE: Voluntary in D –Simon Preston (1605 Anonymous/Knole House Chapel, Kent, England, UK) (1791 Greene/St. John the Baptist, Armitage, England, UK) Archive 415 675

NICHOLAS CHOVEAUX: Meditation & March, from 3 Pieces –Anthony Burns-Cox (1858 Walker/Romsey Abbey, England. UK) Priory PRCD150

WILLIAM WOLSTENHOLME: Allegretto in E-flat –Roy Massey (1933 Henry Willis & Sons; 2004 Harrison/Hereford Cathedral, England, UK) Alpha 334

ALFRED HOLLINS: Triumphal March in E-flat –Jonathan Bielby (1881 Henry Willis/Town Hall, Huddersfield, England, UK) Priory PRCD123

HERBERT HOWELLS: Anthem, Like as the hart –Choir of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, John Scott, conductor; Christopher Dearnley (1872 Henry Willis; 1992 Mander/Cathedral of St. Paul, London, England, UK) Hyperion CDA66260

HERBERT HOWELLS: Organ Sonata [1933] –Robert Benjamin Dobey (1892 Roosevelt; 1980 Schantz/Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Syracuse, NY) Pro Organo CD 7005


This program was originally issued as #8933 in August 1989.