1714 Boizard organ at Saint Michel Abbey, Saint Michel en Thiérache, France
1714 Boizard organ at Saint Michel Abbey, Saint Michel en Thiérache, France

Celebration International #0149

Whether on a clear midnight or a morning glorious with heavenly splendor, our next Pipedreams sings its holiday message in many languages. Frenchman Jean Guillou improvises in Switzerland, Lebanese composer Naji Hakim does the same in Paris. From the first noel to the last shepherd’s pastorale, you’ll hear music and instruments from Ireland, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and here at home, promoting a universal message of hope and happiness. Join us for a multicultural expression, Celebration International, this week on Pipedreams.

MICHAEL BURKHARDT, USA: 3 Hymn Improvisations: Son of God, eternal savior; Gentle Mary laid her child; Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendorMichael Burkhardt (1988 Casavant Frères/Concordia University Center for Worship and the Performing Arts, Irvine, CA) MorningStar CD-11MB

COLIN MAWBY, Ireland: 3 Carol-Anthems: My dancing day; I wonder as I wander; A Modern Medieval CarolNational Chamber Choir of Ireland, Colin Mawby, conductor; Fergal Caulfield (instrument/location not identified) OCP CD-10811

NAJI HAKIM, Lebanon: Improvisation on the Maronite Nativity Chant, Hallel, HallelNaji Hakim (1868 Cavaillé-Coll/La Trinité, Paris, France) IFO 05 011

JOHN E. WEST, England: Fantasia on Two Christmas Carols –Keith Shafer (1996 Casavant Frères/St. Paul Episcopal, Augusta, GA) Saint Paul’s CD-2900

NIELS GADE, Sweden: Chorale-prelude, Af Høiheden oprunden. JOHANN HELMICH ROMAN, Sweden: Sinfonia da chiesaDavid Dahl (1998 Fritts/Lagerquist Hall, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA) Loft LRCD-1017

SEBASTIEN de BROSSARD, France: Gloria, from Missa quinti toniParlement de Musique Ensemble; Marter Gester (1714 Boizard/Abbey Church, Saint Michel en Thiérache, France) Temperaments CD-316005

JEAN GUILLOU, France: Improvisation on It came upon a midnight clearJean Guillou (1988 Kleuker-Steinmeyer/Tonhalle, Zürich, Switzerland) Dorian DOR 90119

JOHN LEAVITT, USA: Chorale-prelude, Dear Christians one and allJames Welch (1996 Eule/St. Nikolai Church, Berlin-Spandau, Germany) Querstand CD-9823

HEINZ WERNER ZIMMERMANN, Germany: Christmas song, For unto us a child is born –Hösel Youth Choir, Toralf Hildebrandt, conductor; Dominikus Burghardt (2000 Sandtner/Adolf-Clarenbach Church, Hösel, Germany) Discant Classics 2022

ROBERT FÜHRER, Czech Republic: 2 Shepherd’s Pastorales –Hans Maier (1983 Sandtner/St. Michael Church, Munich, Germany) Calig CD-50521

GASTON DETHIER: ChristmasFrederick Hohman (1982 Reuter/Holy Name of Jesus RCC, San Francisco, CA) Pro Organo CD 7040