1999 Grenzing organ at the Cathedral ‘Al Almudena’, Madrid, Spain
1999 Grenzing organ at the Cathedral ‘Al Almudena’, Madrid, Spain

For Two to Play #0625

Considering what one player at the console can accomplish, just imagine what is possible with organ duos and duets.

RAMÓN FERRENAC: Sonata in G for Organ 4-hands –Beatrice-Maria Weinberger, Gerhard Weinberger (1999 Grenzing/Catedral del Nuestra Senora de la Almudena, Spain) Ars Musici AM-1338

BALDASSARE GALUPPI: Sonata in C for Two Organs –Luigi Celeghin & János Sebestyén (1757 Nacchini & 1785 Callido/Basilica Lateranense di Maria SS. Della Misericordia, Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Italy) Hungaroton CD-31464

THOMAS TOMPKINS: A Fancy for Two to PlayDavid Hill, Stephen Farr (1984 Mander/Winchester College Chapel, England, UK) Herald CD-199

BARRIE CABENA: Variations on an Original Theme, Opus 55 –Nancy Lancaster, Dee Ann Crossley (1979 C.B. Fisk/House of Hope Presbyterian, Saint Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive recorded June 15, 1997

MELCHIORE CHIESA: Sonata in D for Two Organs –Philip Swanton, Annerös Hulliger (1744 Bossart/Cloister Church, Muri, Switzerland) Koch-Schwann CD-31284

WILHELM FRIEDRICH ERNST BACH: Andante for 4-hands –Marguerite and Marc Adamczewski (1861 Martin/Parish Church, Précy-sur-Oise, France) CMA CD-9501

ADOLF HESSE: Fantasy in c, Opus 35 –Martina and Ullrich Böhme (1884 Walcker/St. Ann Church, Annaberg, Germany) Querstand CD-9706

CHARLES CALLAHAN: Evensong –Lynnette Ball McGee, Brenda King Durden (1977 Wicks/Geneva Presbyterian, Laguna Hills, CA) Creative Edge CD-1998

PHILIP MOORE: Allegro for Organ Duet [1993] –Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault (2005 Buzard/St. Bede RCC, Williamsburg, VA) Pipedreams Archive recorded January 20, 2006

GIOVANNI BERNARDO LUCCHINETTI: Concerto for Two Organs –Wolfgang Schwering, Christoph Seeger (1997 Fleiter/Ascension of Mary Church, Düsseldorf-Lohausen, Germany) Psallite CD-60041

ROBIN DINDA: Charlie Dog BluesKiyo and Chiemi Watanabe (1954 Aeolian-Skinner; 2003 Garland/FUMC, Wichita Falls, TX) Watanabe 2005

ROBERT HEBBLE: Cathedral Tapestry, for two organs and carillon –Christopher Pardini & Frederick Swann (1962 Aeolian-Skinner; 1977 Ruffatti/Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA) Crystal Cathedral CD-2002