The 1868 Hook at Follen Community Church, Lexington.
The 1868 Hook at Follen Community Church, Lexington.
The Organ Clearing House

Hooked on Boston #1424

…on the eve of the 2014 American Guild of Organists convention, we enjoy historic instruments by the Boston builders Elias and George Hook, recorded in and around Boston during an Organ Historical Society Convention.

Hour 1

FELIX MENDELSSOHNSonata in B-flat, Op. 65, no. 4Gregory Crowell (1854 Hook/1st Unitarian Church, Jamaica Plain)

J. P. SWEELINCKBalletto del GranducaErik Wm. Suter (1868 Hook/Follen Community Church, Lexington)

JOHANN HANFFWär’ Gott nicht mit uns dies ZeitDANIEL PINKHAMPastorale, The Morning StarLois Regestein (1859 Hook/1st Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain)

ARTHUR FOOTE: Allegro comodo, fr Suite in D –Richard Hill (1870 Hook/1st Parish Unitarian/Arlington)

CHARLES AVISONConcerto in DBrian Jones (1985 Andover, using Hook ‘heritage’ components/1st Baptist Church, Newton Centre)

JOSEPH BONNETMatin Provençal, fr Poemes d’AutomneROBERT SCHUMANNStudy in E, Op. 56, no. 3HENRI MULETCarillon-SortieThomas Murray (1863 Hook/Immaclate Conception Church, Boston)

Hour 2

JOHANNES WECK:  Spanieler Tanz.  TRADITIONAL:  Hymn, Liebster JesuNancy Granert (1886 Hutchings/Korean Church, Cambridge)

MARJORIE MERRYMANCelebrationJulian Wachner (1897 Hutchings-1987 Lahaise/Mission Church, Roxbury Crossing)

J.S. BACHPastorale (2 movements). LUCIEN SOUTHARD: Postlude –Scott Huntington (1854 Hook-1898 Hutchings/St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Jamaica Plain)

MARCEL DUPRÉ2 AntiphonsKristin Farmer (1880 Hook/1893 Hutchings/St. Patrick Parish, Roxbury)

CHRISTIAN TEILMANFestival MarchJAMES WOODMANRock of AgesNancy Armstrong, soprano; Victoria Wagner (1853 Simmons/1st Baptist, Framingham)

EUGENE THAYER:  Concert Sonata No. 5 in c –George Bozeman (1860 Hook/1st Congregational Church, Woburn)

LEO ABBOTTImprovisation on Salve ReginaLeo Abbott (1875 Hook/Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston)

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