1997 Schoenstein/1st Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, NE
1997 Schoenstein/1st Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, NE
Jeff Scofield

Quotes from Raven #1542

…recent selections from one of America's prime 'organ labels', and conversations with Raven's curator William Van Pelt.

Hour 1

SETH BINGHAM: Hail to the Brightness, Op. 42, no. 1; Prelude & Fughetta on St. KevinChristopher Marks (1997 Schoenstein/1st Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, NE) Raven 992

GERRE HANCOCK: Fantasy on St. Denio; Prelude on Somerset HillsTodd Wilson (1968 Adams-2005 Mann & Trupiano/St. Thomas Church, NYC) Raven 951

RENÉ BECKER: Interlude, fr 12 Pieces, Op. 16 (1908); Toccata, fr Sonata No. 1, OP. 40 (1912) –Damin Spritzer (1880 Cavaillé–Coll/Holy Cross Cathedral, Orleans, France) Raven 949

PHILIP MOORE: Love of loveChamber Choir and Choristers/Maxine Thévenot, director; Stephen Tharp (2002 Reuter/St. John’s Cathedral, Albuquerque, NM) Raven 955

DAVID DAHL: Variations on Amazing Grace; Festiva Prelude on Cwm RhonddaMark Brombaugh (1979 Brombaugh/Christ Episcopal Church, Tacoma, WA) Raven 953

FELIX MENDELSSOHN: War March of the Priests, fr AthaliaAndrew Unsworth (1992 Jones/Cathedral of the Madeleine, Salt Lake City, UT) Raven 967

Hour 2

EARL WILD: Embraceable you –Thomas Baugh (2004 Fisk/Christ Episcopal Church, Roanoke, VA) Raven 963

GUY ROPARTZ: Introduction & Allegro moderatoJack Mitchener (2001 Fisk/Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH) Raven 958

OLIVIER MESSIAEN: Adoro te, La Source de Vie & Acte de Foi, fr Livre du Saint Sacrement –John Gillock (2011 Quoirin/Church of the Ascension, NYC) Raven 982

DAVID BRIGGS: Prelude & Fugue in E –Jeremy Filsell (Aeolian-Skinner/Washington National Cathedral, DC) Raven 942

DUDLEY BUCK: Adagio molto espressivo, fr Sonata No. 2, Op. 77James Hammann (1866 Hook/St. John’s Episcopal Church, Quincy, IL) Raven 916

MAX REGER: Introduction and Fugue, fr Op. 73Faythe Freese (2008 Schuke/Mageburg Cathedral, Germany) Raven 948