1888 Cavaillè-Coll at St. Sernin Basilica, Toulouse, France
1888 Cavaillè-Coll at St. Sernin Basilica, Toulouse, France

For Old Times Sake #1631

…a tribute some masters of the past, composers with significant anniversaries this year.

Hour 1

MATTHIAS WECKMANN (1616-1674): Praeludium in 5 Voices; Variations on Die lieblichen BlickeHans Davidsson (2001 GOArt/Örgryte nya kyrka, Göteborg, Sweden) Loft 1065/7

JOHANN JACOB FROBERGER (1616-1667): Toccata No. 1; Variations on Auf die Maÿerin (Suite No. 6 in G) –Davitt Moroney (1653 Dallam/Parish Church, Lanvellec, France) Temperaments 316007

JOHANN HEINRICH BUTTSTEDT (1666-1727): 2 Chorale-preludes (Vom Himmel hoch; Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern) –Philip Cooper (1990 Yokota/California State University, Chico, CA) AFKA 567

SAMUEL WESLEY (1766-1837): Voluntary in g, Opus 6, no. 9John Kitchen (1866 Willis/St. Margaret’s, Knightswood, Glasgow, Scotland) Delphian 34032

ELLIS KOHS (1916-2000): Passacaglia for Organ and StringsManfred Gräsbeck, conductor; Maija Lehtonen (1980 Kangasala/Vuosaari Church, Helsinki, Finland) CRI 795

Hour 2

WESLEY: Air & GavotteFrancis Jackson (1917 Harrison/York Minster, England) EMI Classics 85295

ERIK SATIE (1866-1925): Kyrie, fr Mass for the Poor (Messe des Pauvres) –Christopher Bowers-Broadbent (1977 Kuhn/Hofkirche, Lucerne, Switzerland) ECM 1495

FERUCCIO BUSONI (1866-1924) (trans. Middelschulte): Fantasia contrappuntistica –Pierre Guillot (1888 Cavaillé-Coll/St. Sernin Basilica, Toulouse, France) Ariane 139

Ferruccio Busoni was one of the greatest Italian composers, one of the major figures in the universal history of music, and one of those artists who touched the lightest peaks of accomplishment of which the human spirit is capable. Busoni was a prophet. May he be finally recognized as such, and in his home country, too!
Roman Vlad (Italian composer and musicologist)