Wurlitzer at Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ
Wurlitzer at Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ
Organ Stop Pizza

Cinema Sensations #1639

…though some instruments were specifically created to accompany silent films, pipe organs have proven that they can tackle movie music of any sort!

Hour 1

MIKLÓS RÓZSA: El Cid OverturePhilipp Pelster (2013 Klais/León Cathedral, Spain) Antes 319296

HANS ZIMMER: Pirates of the Caribbean(medley) –Charlie Balogh (Wurlitzer/Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ) ERB Enterprises 120

LESLIE BRICUSSE & ANTHONY NEWLEY: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (medley) –Mark Herman (Wurlitzer/Aveni Studio, Gates Mills, OH)

CAMERON CARPENTER: Music for an Imaginary FilmCameron Carpenter (2013 Marshall & Ogletree/International Touring Organ) Sony Classical 379688

ENNIO MORRICONE: Gabriel’s Oboe, fr The MissionWilma Jensen (1827 Skinner+1963 Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul, MN) Pipedreams Archive (r. 9/29/09)

JOHN WILLIAMS: Star Wars (The Desert/Robot Auction; Cantina Band; Prince Lea’s Theme; Throne Room/End Title) –John Rose (1962 Austin/Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, CT) Towerhill 1008

Hour 2

MAX STEINER: King Kong March –Simon Gledhill (1928 Wurlitzer/Fox Theatre, Detroit, MI) CLUE 436

MAX STEINER: Gone With the WindGaylord Carter (Wurlitzer/Simonton Studio, Los Angeles, CA) Delos 8102

JIM RIGGS: The Motion Picture Herald MarchJim Riggs (1931 Wurlitzer/Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA) Melody Masters 107

BASIL POLEDOURIS (trans. Pelster): Conan the Barbarian (Anvil of Crom; Theology/Civilization; Orphans of the Doom/The Awakening) –Philipp Pelster (1998 Glatter-Götz/Claremont United Church of Christ, Claremont, CA) Naxos 8.573444

KENNETH ALFORD: Colonel Bogey March, from Bridge on the River KwaiDave Wickerham (Wurlitzer/Wheaton-Fox Studio, Wheaton, IL) Wheaton 2006

RICHARD ADDINSELL: Warsaw Concerto, fr Dangerous MoonlightJelani Eddington, piano and organ (Wurlitzer/Saunders Studio, Racine, WI) RJE Productions1677

ROBERT & RICHARD SHERMAN: Mary Poppins (medley) –Christ McPhee (Capri Theatre, Goodwood, South Australia) McPhee 004

ROZSA: Legend & Epilogue, fr El CidPhilipp Pelster (2013 Klais/León Cathedral, Spain) Antes 319296