1971 Gonzalez/Chartres Cathedral, France
1971 Gonzalez/Chartres Cathedral, France

Out of Their Minds #1837

…following a centuries-old tradition, today’s organists create new music in the moment through artful improvisation.

Hour 1

STEPHEN LOHER: Fanfare Improvisation —Stephen Loher (1938-1962 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University, New York, NY) Pipedreams 1001

SIETZE de VRIES: Improvisation, Eralt uns, Herr, bei deinem WortNoordelijk Vocaal Ensemble/Leendert Runia; Sietze de Vries (1962 Ahrend & Brunzema/St. Martini Church, Bremen, Germany) JSB Recordings 151017

KALEVI KIVINIEMI: Improvisation-Poem, Veni CreatorKalevi Kiviniemi (1952 Weigle - 1999 Berner/ Matthäuskirche, Stuttgart, Germany) Lahti Festival 105

MATTHIAS MÜCK: Improvised Variations on Maria dich lieben Matthias Mück (2005 Eule/St. Sebastian Cathedral, Magdeburg, Germany) Unda Maris 20391

JEAN GUILLOU: Improvisation on Student Themes —Jean Guillou (1992 Ruffatti/Spivey Hall, Clayton State University, Morrow, GA) Pipedreams Archive (r. 11/6/1992)

Filler – de VRIES

Hour 2

OLIVIER LATRY: Pink Panther Olivier Latry (1981 Oberlinger/St. Joseph Church, Bonn-Beuel, Germany) Unda Maris 20011

TOM TRENNY: Improvisation Suite on Three Hymns (Conditor alme siderum; Eventide; Crucifer)Tom Trenny (2003 Schantz/St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Savannah, GA) Pro Organo 7196

DOROTHY PAPADAKOS: Improvisation —Dorothy Papadakos (1954 Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY) GOONY 100

PIERRE COCHEREAU: Improvised Introduction, Choral & Variations on an Original Theme (r. 1973) —Pierre Cochereau (1971 Gonzalez/Chartres Cathedral, France) Solstice 94/96

Filler – MÜCK

Johannes Zeinler was winner of the 2018 Grand Prix de Chartres Interpretation (and also the prize for the best performance of a required work by Thomas Lacôte, and the Audience Prize).