1746 Hildebrandt/Wenzelkirche, Naumburg
1746 Hildebrandt/Wenzelkirche, Naumburg

A Return to Bach Country #1930

…anticipating our ‘encore’ tour in Germany (October 1-14), a sampler of sounds from instruments in Thuringia and Saxony.

Hour 1

J. S. BACHPrelude in b, BWV 544Dietrich Wagler (1719 Silbermann/Cathedral Church, Freiberg) Motette 12701

SAMUEL SCHEIDT2 Kyrie VersesWilhelm Krumbach (1671 Richter/Village Church, Pomßen) Capriccio 49.234

BACHNun danket alle Gott, BWV 657Albrecht Koch (1714 Silbermann/Cathedral Church, Freiberg) Motette 13671

BACHKomm heiliger Geist, BWV 652Ullrich Böhme (2000 Woehl/St. Thomas Church, Leipzig) Rondeau 6050/51

BACHToccata in d, BWV 913aEwald Kooiman (1735 Silbermann/St. Petri Church, Freiberg) Querstand 0022

HOLM VOGEL:  Sonatina a la Joseph Haydn (after BWV 565) –Holm Vogel (1792 Flemming/Gustav-Adolf Church, Leipzig-Lindenthal) Organ Promotion 8007

MAX REGERToccata & Fugue in d, Op. 129, nos. 1/2Michael Schönheit (1911 Walcker/St. Jacobuskirche, Ilmenau) MD&G 319 0052

Filler – BACH: Nun danket (see above)

Hour 2

JOHANN LUDWIG KREBS:  2 Pieces (Fugue in B; Fantasia in F) –Irmtraud Krüger (1739 Trost/Castle Church, Altenburg) MD&G 3384

G. P. TELEMANNChristus, der uns selig macht (2)BACHChristus, der uns selig macht, BWV 747Jean Ferrard (1721 Silbermann/St. George Church, Rötha) Querstand 0219

BACHPrelude & Fugue in C, BWV 545Robert Clark (1746 Hildebrandt/Wenzelkirche, Naumburg) Calcante 041

BACH (ed. Straube):  Fugue in b, BWV 544Dean Billmeyer (1904 Sauer/Michaelskirche, Leipzig, Germany) Rondeau 614546

BACHPraeludium in C, BWV 943Cristina Garcia Banegas (1723 Hildebrandt/Evangelical Church, Störmthal) Perro Andaluz 6216

BACHToccata, Adagio & Fugue in C, BWV 564Cristina Garcia Banegas (1750 Silbermann-Hildebrandt/Court Church, Dresden) Horos 11206

Filler – BACH:  Fugue in b, BWV 544 –Dietrich Wagler (Freiberg Cathedral) Motette 12701

Due to the popularity of our spring Pipedreams tour, we’ve scheduled a second visit for the fall season (October 1-14, 2019).  You’re invited to come along… pipedreams.org/tour.

Enjoy a photo-album of organs and venues visited during the Spring 2019 PIPEDREAMS Tour, that itinerary nearly identical to that scheduled for October 2019.