1981 Kern
1981 Kern

The Marvels of Mexico #2002

…delight in the historic sounds of modest and monumental instruments in Mexico City and Oaxaca province.

Hour 1

FRANCISCO CORREA de ARAUXOTiento de sexto tono. SAMUEL SCHEIDTBergamasca –Robert Bates (Oaxaca CathedralIOHIO 3

PIERRE ATTAIGNANT: 2 Pieces (Aupres de vous secretement & A mes ennuis)ANTONIO de CABEZONTiento de primer tono –Andrés Cea Galán (Tlacolula)

MELCHOR LOPEZ: Sonata in G –Andre Lash (San Andrés Zautla)

ANONYMOUS (attrib. Thomas Preston): Upon la mi reFRANZ ANTON MAICHELBECK: Gavotte –Andrés Cea Galán & Christoph Hammer (San Andrés Zautla)

GERARDUS SCRONXEcho Fantasy. ANONYMOUS: Sin titulo. PETER PHILIPSFantasy –Jan Willem Jansen (Tlacochahuaya)

DOMENICO CIMAROSA: Sonata No. 51 in C –Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini (TlacochahuayaIOHIO 4

TRADITIONAL: Danza de la Pluma –Valentín Hernández, percussion; Cicely Winter (Oaxaca CathedralIOHIO 5

Filler – SCRONX (see above)

Hour 2

PADRE ANTONIO SOLERConcerto No. 3 in G for Two Organs –Jürgen Essl (1735 Nassarre) & Jeremy Joseph (1695 Sesma/Mexico City Cathedral) Cybele 031802

CORREASegunto tiento de quarto tono –Robert Bates (Oaxaca CathedralIOHIO 3

BARTOLOMÉ de SELMA y SALAVERDE: Sonata for Recorder –Horacio Franco, recorder; José Suárez Molina (Oaxaca CathedralIOHIO 2

HUGO DISTLERFrish auf Variations –David Furniss (Tlaxiaco)

HENNING SOMMEROO: Improvisation and Song (Mari moder) –Ingeborg Hungnes, voice; Henning Sommerro (Oaxaca CathedralKirkelig Kulturverksted 222

SEBASTIAN AGUILERA de HEREDIAPange lingua –Joel Vásquez (Tamazulapan)

TRADITIONAL (arr. Winter): Llevame Oaxaquena. TRADITIONAL: Jarabe Mixe –Valentin Hernandez, percussion; Cicely Winter/Oaxaca Cathedral (IOHIO 5)

ANTONIO de CABEZONDulce memoria. CORREATiento del quinto tono –Guy Bovet (TlacochahuayaIOHIO 1

TRADITIONAL: Folk Tunes of Oaxaca (Mi Linda Oaxaca; Sones de Pochutla) –Valentín Hernández, percussion; Cicely Winter (Oaxaca CathedralIOHIO 5

Filler – ANONYMOUS: Sin Titulo (see above)

See Michael Barone's photos of Oaxacan organs by clicking here.

With commentary from Cicely Winter of the Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca (IOHIO), we enjoy performances on 17th and 18th century instruments at the Cathedrals of Oaxaca (1712 Chávez) and Mexico City (1695 Sesma + 1735 Nassarre), and Oaxacan area churches (1726 Anonymous/San Andrés, Zautla; 1725 Anonymous/San Jeronimo, Tlacochahuaya; 1792 Neri/Templo de Santa Maria de la Asunción, Tlacolula; Tamazulapan; 18th c. Anonymous/Santa María Asunción, Tlaxaco), many recorded during the 2018 IOHIO FestivalRead more about that festival here.

IOHIO has released five albums devoted to historic instruments in the Oaxaca region, available in the USA through the Organ Historical Society:

• Volume 1 – Guy Bovet at Tlacochahuaya
• Volume 2 – José Suárez Molina at Oaxaca Cathedral
• Volume 3 – Robert Bates at Oaxaca Cathedral
• Volume 4 – Luigia Ferdinando Tagliavini at Tlacochahuaya
• Volume 5 – Cecily Winter & Valentin Hernandez (percussion) at Oaxaca Cathedral

The next International Organ and Early Music Festivals in Oaxaca, sponsored by IOHIO, is scheduled for February 18-23, 2020Don't miss out!

These additional articles, from Vox Humana, may be of some interest:

• Historic Organs in Oaxaca, by Cicely Winter
• The Mexican Baroque Organ at Tlacochahuaya, by Christopher Holman
• Historic Organ Restoration in the Americas, by Susan Tettershall

For further listening, check out episode 0242, dedicated to the inaugural festival in Oaxaca.