2008 Fisk/Segerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa, CA
2008 Fisk/Segerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa, CA
C. B. Fisk

Who Needs Beethoven?! #2045

. . . in his anniversary year, we explore music by the many other composers with significant anniversaries in 2020.

Hour One

GUY WEITZ (d. 1970):  Benedicamus DominoThomas Murray (1954 Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY) PD Archive (r. 10/30/13)

JAMES HEWITT (b. 1770):  The Battle of TrentonE. Power Biggs (1863 Walcker-1947 Aeolian-Skinner/Memorial Music Hall, Methuen, MA) Columbia 34129

JOHANN CHRISTIAN HEINRICH RINCK (b. 1770):  Rondo, fr Concerto in FJohn Brock (1997 Rule/Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church, Knoxville, TN) Raven 770

PETER RACINE FRICKER (b. 1920):  Trio & Meditation, fr 5 Short Pieces, Op. 83 (1968-1980) –Tom Winpenny (1889 Annessens-2006 Nicholson/Bridlington Priory, England) Toccata Classics 0518

MAX BRUCH (d. 1920):   Nocturno and Finale, fr Suite No. 3 for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 88b –Tübinger Ärzteorchester/Norbert Kirchmann; Sven-Ingvart Mikkelsen (1969 Marcussen/Parish Church, Løgumkloster, Denmark) ebs 6049

Filler – RINCK: Rondo (see above)

Hour Two

JOHN LaMONTAINE (b. 1920)  Even SongFrederick Swann (2008 Fisk/Segerstrom Concert Hall, Costa Mesa, CA) Gothic 49268

BEDRICH JANACEK (b. 1920):  Toccata in f# –Robert Bennesh (2005 Lively-Fulcher/Christ Church, New Haven, CT) PD Archive (4. 4/20/15)

GOTTLIEB MUFFAT (b. 1690 - d. 1770):  Fugue in gGustav Leonhardt (1757 Jäger/Cistercian Abbey, Stams, Austria) Seon 60364

JOHANN PHILIPP KRIEGER (d. 1720):  Passacaglia in dGustav Leonhardt (1696 Goltfuss/Stin-Jan-de-Doperkerk, Leuven, Belgium) Sony 57963

BELA BARTOK (trans. Blarr) (d. 1945):  Sonatina on Transylvanian Folk TunesOskar Gottlieb Blarr (1965 Rieger/Neanderkirche, Düsseldorf, Germany) Schwann 110509 

P. R. FRICKERPastorale (1959) –Tom Winpenny (1889 Annessens-2006 Nicholson/Bridlington Priory, England) Toccata Classics 0518 

CHARLES TOURNEMIRE (b. 1870):  Adagio (No. 1) and Five Interludes (nos. 5-9), fr Op. 19Michelle Leclerc (1868 Cavaillé-Coll/Church of San Vicente, San Sebastian, Spain) Aeolus 10291

J. C. H. RINCKVariations on Freu dich sehr, o meine SeeleLudger Lohmann (1750 Gabler/Abbey Church, Weingarten, Germany) Naxos 8.553925

Filler – HEWITT: Battle of Trenton (see above)

In this program, we’ve consciously overlooked the significant anniversaries of Ludwig van Beethoven (b. 1770) and Louis Vierne (b. 1820), as they will receive special programming elsewhere.

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