2004 Fisk
2004 Fisk

American Organist’s Christmas #2051

. . . music for the holiday with a distinctly home-grown flavor.

Hour One

LEE HOIBYAt the round earth’s imagined cornersMemphis Boy Choir & Chamber Choir/John Ayer; Diane Meredith Belcher (1990 Reuter/St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN) Pro Organo 7037

GERALD NEARMy dancing dayMemphis Boy Choir & Chamber Choir/John Ayer; David Kienzle (1990 Reuter/St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN) Pro Organo 7039

HENRY MARTINPrelude & Fugue No. 18 in E-flatAdam Brakel (1965-2010 Wicks/St. James Cathedral, Orlando, FL) PD Archive (r.  9/30/20)

STEPHEN PAULUSHalleluDAVID ASHLEY WHITEHodie Christus natus estUniversity of St. Thomas Singers/Brady Knapp; Yuri McCoy (1998 Schoenstein/St. Basil’s Chapel, St. Thomas University, Houston, TX) Gothic 49312

DAVID CHERWIEN (arr.):  4 Christmas Carols (On Christmas nightOh, come little childrenIt came upon a midnight clearJoy to the world) –Rachel Brandwein, harp; Sarah Carmack, oboe; National Lutheran Choir; David Cherwien (2003 Reuter/St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN) NLC 2019

GASTON DETHIERChristmas (Variations on Adeste fidelis)Adam Brakel (1965-2010 Wicks/St. James Cathedral, Orlando, FL) PD Archive (r. 10/2/20)

Filler – HOIBY (see above)

Hour Two

J. F. WADEAdeste fidelisMemphis Boy Choir & Chamber Choir/John Ayer; Kristin Lensch (1990 Reuter/St. John’s Episcopal Church, Memphis, TN) Pro Organo 7169

LEROY ANDERSONSleigh RideMEL TORMÉ & ROBERT WELLSThe Christmas SongRAYMOND SCOTTThe Toy Trumpet  –Jonas Nordwall (Wurlitzer/Community Theater, Berkeley, CA) Nor Cal 908

J. WILLIAM GREENE3 Christmas Ayres & Dances (Carol Ouverture; Regent Square Harpeggio; Stille Nacht Pastorale) –J. William Greene (Klop trunk organ/Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynchburg, VA) Pro Organo 7281

LARRY VISSER:  Solemn Prelude on In the bleak midwinter –Larry Visser (1996 Austin-Allen/LaGrave Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI)  LaGrave 2013

ROBERT ROTHImprovisation on The Infant KingThomas Baugh (2004 Fisk/Christ Episcopal Church, Roanoke, VA) Raven 850

THEODORE MORRISONCantata, Unto us a child is born –Michael Gallant, tenor; University of Michigan Chamber Choir & Detroit Chamber Orchestra/Theodore Morrison; James Kibbie (1955 Aeolian-Skinner/Hill Auditorium, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI) Equilibrium 54

Filler – MARTIN (see above)

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