James Hicks
James Hicks
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Northern Lights #2119

. . . a return visit with James D. Hicks whose fascination with Scandinavian composers knows no bounds.

Hour One

HILDIGUNNUR RÚNARSDÓTTIRFantasia un Island, farsaelda FrönSIGURÖUR SAEVARSSONHeaven’s Maker (1992 Klais/Hallgrimskirkja, Reykijavik, Iceland) Pro Organo 7287 (Nordic Journey Volume 8)

KJELL MØRK KARLSENHymn for St. Olaf –Arnulf Johansen, oboe; Ola Linbeth, violin (2015 Torkildsen/Nidaros Cathedral). SVEN-INGVART MIKKELSEN:  Variations & Fugue on a Danish Folk Tune (1741 Wagner/Nidaros Cathedral).  FREDRIK SIXTENDivinity, fr Aurora Borealis Symphony –Helena Ek, soprano (1930 Steinmeyer-2014 Kuhn/Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway) Pro Organo 7285 (Nordic Journey Volume 7)

Filler – KARLSEN:  Hymn for St. Olaf (see above)

Hour Two

MAURI VIITALAToccataARMAS MAASALOIn memoriam Eino Leino, Op. 26, no. 2 (1980 Virtanen/Turku Cathedral).  HARRI VIITANEN:  Gigue Fugue.  JACK MATTSSON:  Dialogue (2002 Grönlunds/St. Michael’s Church, Turku, Finland) Pro Organo 7279 (Nordic Journey Volume 6)

NILS LINDBERG:  Marching Tune.  SIXTENTangoPÁLL ISÓLFSSON:  Chaconne in the Dorian Mode (2013 Tostared/Kalmar Cathedral, Sweden) Pro Organo 7271 (Nordic Journey Volume 5)

CHRISTIAN PRAESTHOLMFantasia on the Bridal Dance from Søonderho (1994 Andersen/St. Morten’s Church, Randers, Denmark) Pro Organo 7292 (Nordic Journey Volume 10)

Filler – SAEVARSSON:  Heaven’s maker (see above)

What began as a curiosity about Scandinavian music has evolved during ‘retirement’ into a monumental undertaking, including first recordings of previously unpublished scores and new music commissions.  Thus far James D. Hicks has recorded ten volumes in his Nordic Journey series (16 CDs issued by Pro Organo, with supporting YouTube videos) and more adventures await.  Thanks to irrepressible audio/video engineer and producer Frederick Hohman of Pro Organo for his yeoman labors ‘in the field’.


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