1989 Taylor & Boody/Ferris Women’s College, Yokohama, Japan
1989 Taylor & Boody/Ferris Women’s College, Yokohama, Japan
Taylor and Boody

International Bach #2130

. . . a globally geographic celebration of the foremost composer for the pipe organ, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Hour One

J. S. BACH (arr. Tracey):  Sinfonia, BWV 29Ian Tracey (1926 Willis/Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, England) Priory 6004

BACHPrelude & Fugue in a, BWV 543Susanne Kujala (1993 Porthan/Church of St. Lawrence, Janakkala, Finland) Alba 424

BACHJesu Christus, unser Heiland, BWV 666Lorenzo Ghielmi (1991 Ahrend/Basilica of San Simpliciano, Milan, Italy) Passacaille 954

BACHPrelude & Fugue in C, BWV 531Daniel Zaretsky (1903 Walcker-2004 Klais/Philharmonic Hall, St. Petersburg, Russia) IM Lab 091

BACH:  4 Orgelbüchlein Chorale-preludes (Lobt Gott, ihr Christen allzugleich, BWV 609; Jesu, meine Freude, BWV 610; Christum wir solen loben schon, BWV 611) –Bernhard Klapprott (1761 J.-A. Silbermann/Arlesheim Cathedral, Switzerland) Aeolus 10761

BACHDuet No. 3 in G, BWV 804Wolfgang Kogert (1983 Karl Schuke/ORF Kulturhaus, Vienna, Austria) ORF 3186

BACHPraeludium in C, BWV 566Johannes Lang (1737 Treutmann/St. George’s Church, Grauhoff, Germany) Genuin 14324

Filler – BWV 543 (see above)


Hour Two

BACH:  2 Chorale-preludes, fr Clavierübung III (Jesus Christus, unser Heiland, BWV 688; Wir glauben all, BWV 680) –Hans-Ola Ericsson (2012 Woehl/Studio Acousticum, Piteå, Sweden) Euridice 72

BACHCapriccio on the departure of his beloved brother, BWV 992Benjamin Alard (1718 A. Silbermann/St. Aurelie Church, Strasbourg, France) Harmonia Mundi 902450/2

BACHChorale Variations, Wer nun den lieben Gott, BWV 691/690 –Arnau Reynés (1816 Thomas/Santa Maria la Major, Inca, Ibiza, Spain) Priory 1014

BACHChorale-prelude, O Mensch, bewein’ dein Sünde gross, BWV 622Dom André Laberge (1999 Wilhelm/Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Monastery, Quebec, Canada) ATMA 2.2299

BACHPrelude & Fugue in a, BWV 551Wolfgang Rübsam (1995 Brombaugh/Lawrence University Chapel, Appleton, WI) Naxos 8.553629

BACH (trans. DeJong):  Aria, Ich ende behende mein irdisches Leben, BWV 57 –Euwe & Sybolt de Jong (1692 Arp Schnitger/Martinikerk, Groningen, Netherlands) DeJong 4

BACHPiece d’Orgue, BWV 572 –Tomoko Miyamoto (1989 Taylor & Boody/Ferris Women’s College, Yokohama, Japan) Loft 1057

Filler – BWV 29 (see above)

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