1746 Hildebrandt/St. Wenzel Church, Naumburg, Germany
1746 Hildebrandt/St. Wenzel Church, Naumburg, Germany
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Always Amazing Bach #2142

. . . in his youth or maturity, in simple or complex contexts, Bach never ceases to astound.

Hour One

J. S. BACHPraeludium, Adagio, Trio, Tutti et Fuga in B-flat, BWV 545bCristina Garcia Banegas (1746 Hildebrandt/St. Wenzel Church, Naumburg, Germany) DVH 140349  

BACHNun komm, der Heiden Heiland, BWV 660Annegret Siedel, violin; Ute Gremmel-Geuchen (1752 König-2000 Verscheuren/Paterskirche, Kempen, Germany) Aeolus 11281

BACH4 Canonic Duets and Contrapunctus 14 (completed by S. Kummer), fr The Art of Fugue –Samuel Kummer (1746 Hildebrandt/St. Wenzel Church, Naumburg, Germany) Aeolus 11291

For an in-depth exploration of The Art of Fugue, check out both programs one and two in the PIPEDREAMS archive titled “The Art of Escape”!

Filler – Praeludium in B-flat, BWV 545b


Hour Two

BACHGamba Sonata No 3 in g, BWV 1029Anner Bylsma, violoncello piccolo; Bob van Asperen (1985 Raadgever trunk organ) Sony 45945

BACH (ed. Straube):  Prelude & Fugue in G, BWV 541Dean Billmeyer (1909 Sauer/Evangelical Church, Salzungen, Germany) Rondeau 614546

BACH (arr. De Jong):  Cantata Concerto (after BWV 70/1, 132/5 & 70/4) –Euwe & Sybolt de Jong (1727 Müller/Jacobijnerkerk, Leeuwarden, Netherlands) De Jong 8

BACHPartita, O Gott du frommer Gott, BWV 767 (excerpts)Mathias Eisenberg (2000 Jehmlich/Meissen Porcelain Factory, Meissen, Germany) ElTon 10365

BACHPrelude & Fugue in D, BWV 532aBenjamin Alard (2001 Freytag/St. Vaast Church, Bethune, France) Harmonia Mundi 902453/6

Filler –  Contrapunctus No. 14 (see above)

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