1721 F.C. Schnitger/Michaelskerk, Zwolle, Netherlands
1721 F.C. Schnitger/Michaelskerk, Zwolle, Netherlands

Chaconne a son gout #2217

. . . composers through history have satisfied every taste by creating intriguing variations over a repeated harmonic phrase via the chaconne.

Hour One

HENRI DESMARETS:  Chaconne, fr DidonFrédéric Desenclos (1751 Dupont-2003 Cattiaux/St. Jacques, Luneville, France) Alpha 651

J.-P. RAMEAU (trans. Rechsteiner):  Chaconne, fr Les Indes GalantesHenri-Charles Caget, percussion; Yves Rechsteiner (1741 Moucherel-1754 Lépine/Church of the Nativity of Mary, Cintegabelle, France) Alpha 650

J. S. BACH (arr. Schumann):  Chaconne, fr Partita No. 2 in d, BWV 1004Anite Stroh, violin; Bryan Anderson (1997 Fisk-Rosales/Rice University, Houston, TX) PD Archive (r. 4/3/18)

HENRY PURCELLChaconne in FE. Power Biggs (1958 Flentrop/Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA) Sony 62751

KARL HÖLLERCiacona, Op. 54Axel Flierl (1957 Steinmeyer-2003 Klais/Ottobeuren Basilica, Germany) IFO 130

Filler – RAMEAU (see above)

Hour Two

J. S. BACHChaconne (Meine Tage in dem Leide), fr BWV 150Euwe and Sybolt de Jong (1721 F.C. Schnitger/Michaelskerk, Zwolle, Netherlands) DeJong 7

JOHANN CASPAR FERDINAND FISCHERChaconne in FGustav Leonhardt (1708 Egedacher/Schlägl Monastery, Austria) Sony 68262

C. V. STANFORD:  Prelude in the Form of a Chaconne, Op. 88, no. 2 –Tom Winpenny (1892 Binns/Queen’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England) Resonus 10104

LAMBERT CHAUMONT:  Chaconne in A –Fenner Douglass (1976 Flentrop/Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC) Gothic 49203

FRANZ SCHMIDT:  Chaconne in c# –Keith John (1999 Nicholson/Gloucester Cathedral, England) Priory 370

Filler – DESMAREST (see above)

The chaconne has a long and proud history…and so does the term chacun a son gout!

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