1927 Casavant-2001 Schantz/St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, MN
1927 Casavant-2001 Schantz/St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, MN

A New Liszt List #2223

. . . some extraordinarily effective transcriptions and original works by the romantic-era’s foremost virtuoso.

Hour One

FRANZ LISZT (trans. Harlow):  Transcendental Etudes (No. 1, Preludio; No. 2, Fusées; No. 5, Feux follets; No. 6, Vision) –Randall Harlow (1927 Casavant-2001 Schantz/St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mahtomedi, MN) Pro Organo 7278

LISZTSposalizio, fr Années de pelerinage IILISZT (trans. Berger):  Czardás obstiné (1886)Helmut Deutsch (1996 Oberthür/Cathedral of St. Stephen, Auxerre, France) Audite 97.461

LISZT (trans. Deutsch):  Il penseroso (No. 2); Fantasy-Sonata Aprés une lecture de Dante (No. 7), fr Années de Pelerinage II/ItalieHelmut Deutsch (2014 Winterhalter/St. Gebhard Parish Church, Konstanz-Petershausen, Germany) OGM 171021

Filler – Feux follets, fr Transcendental Etudes (see above)

Hour Two

LISZTKyrie & Gloria, fr Missa ChoralisSuisse Romande Vocal Academy/Renaud Bouvier; Benjamin Righetti (1991 Goll/French Church, Bern, Switzerland) K617 229

LISZT (trans. Geffert):  Vallée d’Obermann (No. 3), fr Années de Pélerinage I/SuisseChristoph Kuhlmann (1925 Steinmeyer/Corpus Christi Church, Berlin, Germany) Ambiente Audio 2041

LISZT (arr. Dupré):  Fantasy after Meyerbeer (Ad nos, ad salutarem undam)German Radio Philharmonic, Saarbrücken-Kaiserslautern/Martin Haselböck; Christian Schmitt (2005 Karl Schuke/Philharmonie Luxembourg) cpo 777 472

Filler – Czaredas Obstiné (see above)


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