Hazel Wright Organ/Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA
Hazel Wright Organ/Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA
Christ Cathedral

Hazel's Back #2238

. . . vintage and new recordings in anticipation of the reinauguration of the newly restored Hazel Wright Memorial Pipe Organ at Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.

Hour One

EUGENE GIGOUTGrand Choeur Dialogué –David Ball and Emma Witten (Christ Cathedral) Gothic 49337

FELIX MENDELSSOHN:  Allegro moderato e serioso (iii. & iv.), fr Sonata No. 1 in f, Op. 65, no. 1Frederick Swann (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49049

ROBERT HEBBLE:  Heraldings –Frederick Swann (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49048; also David Ball (Christ Cathedral) Gothic 49337

WILLIAM DOANEHymn, More love to you, o Christ –Frederick Swann (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 58519

FREDERICK SWANN:  Anthem, Blest are the pure in heart –Crystal Cathedral Choir/Frederick Swann (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49048

MARK THALLANDERToccata on Hymn to Joy (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Thallander 2002

DANIEL FICARRIFanfare-Introduction in DJ. S. BACH (arr. Dupré):  Sinfonia to Cantata BWV 29David Ball (Hazel Wright Organ/Christ Cathedral) Gothic 49337

Filler – GIGOUT (see above)

Hour Two

NORMAND GOUIN:  Memorial Acclamation, fr Mass of the TransfigurationPETER LATONAFanfare, Introit & Procession (Let us go rejoicing)RACHEL LAURIN:  Te Deum, Op. 90  –Diocesan and Cathedral Chorale and Brass Ensembles/John Romeri; David Ball (Fred Swann Organ/Arboretum) Gothic 49326

FREDERICK SWANN  (arr.): Amazing GraceSWANN:  2 Anthems (The heart of the eternalThe Lord will guide you continually) –Crystal Cathedral Choir/Frederick Swann, director & organist (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Gothic 49048

ROBERT HEBBLE:  Cathedral Tapestry –Frederick Swann, Christopher Pardini (Hazel Wright Organ/Crystal Cathedral) Thallander 2002

RICHARD PURVIS:  Dialogue Monastique –David Ball and Emma Witten (Hazel Wright Organ/Christ Cathedral) Gothic 49337

Filler – HEBBLE: Heraldings (Gothic 49337)

We celebrate the Hazel Wright Organ through older recordings featuring Crystal Cathedral organist Frederick Swann, recent recordings of commissioned scores from Christ Cathedral’s 2019 dedication with the Cathedral Schola led by John Romeri, and newly recorded appearances by current Cathedral organists David Ball and Emma Witten, all available from Gothic Records.

We thank the Most Reverend Tod David Brown, Bishop of Orange at the time of the acquisition of the Cathedral campus for his Diocese, and his successor, Bishop Kevin W. Vann, who oversees the Crystal Cathedral today. 

Also kudos to the various technicians whose artistry has helped mold and refine the character of the Hazel Wright organ over the years, including Guy Henderson, John Wilson, Bruce Sawyer, and current organ curator Kevin Cartwright.

‘Hazel’, as the Christ Cathedral organ is known, is named after its initial benefactor, Hazel Wright.  Designed by Virgil Fox and refined under the supervision of Frederick Swann, today’s instrument combines the 116-rank 1977 Ruffatti organ from Robert Schuller’s previous Garden Grove Community Church and the 99-rank 1962 Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1388 formerly installed at Philharmonic Hall in New York City’s Lincoln Center, plus other pipe ranks.  It is the third-largest church organ in the United States and fifth largest in the world.  With over 16,000 pipes, ‘Hazel’ will be celebrated on September 30, 2022 with a day of formal inaugural presentations concluding with an evening concert by Hector Olivera.   

More information regarding the Hazel Wright Organ at Christ Cathedral is available here

Also heard in this program, the Frederick Swann Organ (Aeolian-Skinner Opus 1141 with 82 ranks) is located in the Cathedral Arboretum (the former Garden Grove Church), a smaller, separate worship environment on the Cathedral campus.  This instrument stood in for ‘Hazel’ during recordings of scores commissioned for the dedication of Christ Cathedral in 2019, at which point ‘Hazel’ had not been fully restored and reinstalled.

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