1767 Pfliegler/Wallfahrtskirche, Hafnerberg, Austria
1767 Pfliegler/Wallfahrtskirche, Hafnerberg, Austria
Linder Orgelbau

Newsworthy Notes #2240

. . . an autumnal survey of recent recordings of unusual and engaging repertoire.

Hour One

ARNOLD BRUNCKHORSTPraeludium in gRoger Sherman (1979 Brombaugh/Christ Church Episcopal, Tacoma, WA) Loft 1160

JOHANN NEPOMUK DAVIDFantasy on the Medieval song, L’homme armé  –Roman Summereder (1926 Mahrenholz-Furtwängler/St. Mary’s Church, Göttingen, Germany) Ambiente 2040

GUNNAR IDENSTAMEntrée, Blues Yoik & The Door to the Kingdom of Death, fr A Saami RequiemOla Stinnerbom, yoik; Erik Wiessglass, guitars; Rafael Sida Huizar, percussion; Gunnar Idenstam (2012 Woehl/Studio Acusticum, Piteå, Sweden) Toccata Next 0017

HECTOR BERLIOZ: Hungarian March, fr La Damnation de FaustOLIVIER MESSIAENPriere avant la communion (No. 14); La Joie de la grace (No. 15); Priere apres la communion (No. 16), fr Livre du Saint SacrementOlivier Latry (Cavaillé-Coll/Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France) DG 486 1466

Filler – BRUNCKHORST (see above)

Hour Two

PETER MAXWELL DAVIES3 Organ VoluntariesTom Bell (1969 Walker-2002 Wood/Blackburn Cathedral, England) LIR Classics 025

ROBERT SCHUMANNCanonic Studies (No. 1 in C & No. 2 in a), fr Op. 56Jens Christensen (1700 Botzen-1965 Andersen/Our Savior’s Church, Copenhagen, Denmark) OUR Recordings 6.220675

SCHUMANNCanonic Studies (No. 5 in b & No. 6 in B), fr Op. 56Daniel Beckmann (1837 Dreymann/St. Ignaz Church, Mainz, Germany) Aeolus 11201

JOHANN GEORG ALBRECHTSBERGERPrelude & Fugue in C, Op. 6, no. 1PIER DAMIANO PERETTI3 Pieces, fr Quasi manualiterWolfgang Kogert (1767 Pfliegler/Wallfahrtskirche, Hafnerberg, Austria) Hafnerberg CD-92021

VÄINÖ RAITIO:  Intermezzo.  HILDIGUNNUR RUNARSDOTTIR:  Prelude & Fugue on an Icelandic Folk Melody –James D. Hicks (2007 Paschen/Central Church, Pori, Finland) Pro Organo 7297

EDWARD ELGARThe Spirit of the Lord, fr The ApostlesEast Carolina University Chamber Singers/James Franklin; Andrew Scanlon (2005 Fisk/St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Greenville, NC) Gothic 49335

Filler – BERLIOZ (see above)

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