Wurlitzer/Alabama Theater, Birmingham, AL
Wurlitzer/Alabama Theater, Birmingham, AL
Jack E. Boucher, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Love in Springtime #2316

. . .when the seasons change, tunes both secular and sacred put us in an amorous mood.

Hour One

GLENN MILLERIn the moodZach Frame (Wurlitzer/Organ Piper Pizza, Greenfield, WI) C-2 Productions 001

DON GIBSONI can’t stop loving youJonas Nordwall (Wurlitzer/Tivoli Theater, Chattanooga, TN).  EINAR AARON SWANWhen your lover has goneMark HermanBURTON LANESays my heartDavid Gray (Wurlitzer/Alabama Theater, Birmingham, AL) ATOS 2013.  The 2023 ATOS Convention will be held in and around Chicago (July 2-7).

GEOFFREY WILCKENThe love amazing, Op. 74, no. 1Jan Kraybill (1978 Schantz/Grace Cathedral, Topeka, KS) Pro Organo 7289 

FREDERICK LOEWEMy Fair Lady MedleyTom Hazleton (Wurlitzer/Senate Theater, Detroit, MI) DTOS 2006

RICHARD STRAUSS (trans. Parkins):  Salome’s Dance, fr SalomeRobert Parkins (1932 Aeolian/Duke University Chapel, Durham, NC) Loft 1147

Filler – LOEWE (see above)

Hour Two

RALPH RAINGERLove in BloomSidney Torch (Christie/Regal Cinema, Edmonton, England) Sterndale 1001

ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIMThe girl from IpanemaGEORGE GERSHWINThe man I loveEddie Dunstedter (Robert Morton/Greer Inn, Sacramento, CA & Robert Morton/Whitney Studio, Glendale, CA) PD Archive (from LP sources)

GERSHWINEmbraceable youRobert Hartzell (Wurlitzer/Harmony Wynelands, Lodi, CA) Harmony 2009

RUDOLF FRIMLIndian Love Call, fr Rose MarieLeonard Leigh (1926 Wurlitzer/KSTP Studio, St. Paul, MN) RCA LSP1665 (LP)

COLE PORTERLove for saleTom Hazleton (Wurlitzer/Sanfilippo Place de Musique, Barrington, IL) PD Archive

ROBERT LOWRYCome ye that love the LordJOHN McNAUGHTONLove at home Douglas Bush (1987 Bigelow/Stake Church, Provo, UT) Sanctus 1996.

McNAUGHTONLove at homeTabernacle Choir; John Longhurst (1947 Aeolian-Skinner/Mormon Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, UT) Bonneville 1991

DALE WOODThe king of love my shepherd is (St. Columba)James Welch (1987 Schoenstein/St. Peter & Paul Church, San Francisco, CA) Welch 0522

WILLIAM BOLCOMJesus loves me, fr Gospel Preludes Book 2Gregory Hand (1927 Skinner-2007 Schantz/Rockefeller Chapel, Chicago, IL) Naxos 8.559695

EDVARD GRIEGIch liebe dichVirgil Fox (1954 Aeolian Skinner/Riverside Church, New York, NY) EMI 65426

Filler – PORTER (see above)

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