1963 Flentrop/Westerkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1963 Flentrop/Westerkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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In a Folksy Mood #2342

. . . sometimes the old tunes provide the best ideas for new music.

Hour 1

DENIS BEDARDVariations on Amazing GraceSimon Earl (1999 Nicholson/Christchurch Priory, England) Priory 1209

HANS HEINRICH LÜDERS (attrib.):  Cantio rustica AmericanaHarald Vogel (1999 Fritts/Ascension Episcopal Church, Seattle, WA) ReZound 5001

ROBERT HEBBLE (arr.):  Londonderry Air (Homage to Fritz Kreisler) –Paul Danilewski (1930 Aeolian/Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square, PA) DTR 8207.  Hebble’s version was directly inspired by an arrangement and 1926 recording by the great violinist Fritz Kreisler.

RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS2 Preludes on Welsh Folk Songs (The White Rock; St. David’s Day)Christopher Nickol (1923 Harrison/Caird Hall, Dundee, Scotland) Priory 537

HENNING SOMMERRO:  2 Norwegian Religious Folk Songs –Kåre Aambø, oboe; Per Fridtjov Bonsaksen (1962 Steinmeyer/Nidaros Cathedral, Norway) Pro Musica 9028

TRADITIONAL (arr. Asheim): 2 Norwegian Folksongs (Som dend Gyldne Sool/Like the rising sunEt lidet Barn saa lysteligt/A little child so joyful)Anne-Lise Berntsen, vocals; Nils Henrik Asheim (1787 Holzhey/Weissenau Cloister, Germany) Kirkelig Kulturverkstad 136

ANTHONY BALDWINVariations on KelvingroveKevin Bowyer (1927 Willis-2005 Harrison/Memorial Church, Glasgow University, Scotland) Priory 1215

Filler – LÜDERS (see above)

Hour 2

HARRY BANKSImaginary Folk SongHarry Wilkinson (1933 Skinner/Girard College, Philadelphia, PA) Pro Organo 7144

JACOB BIJSTERVariations on an Old Netherlands Song (Ich wil mij gaen verfroosten)Dirk Donker (1711 Schnitger-1898 van Dam/Martinikerk, Sneek, Netherlands) JQZ 3051

LUKAS ARVIDSSONSnön faller.  HANS RÖJÅS: Bridal March from Väddo –Greger Siljebo, violin; Lukas Arvidsson (1806 Schiörlin/Parish Church, Gammalkil, Sweden) Orgelisten Uppland 2021 

JOS VAN DER KOY:  Improvisations on 3 Dutch Folksongs (Wed Anne Marieken; Daar was een sneeuwit vopgeltje; Zeg kewzeltje, wildet gij dansen) –Jos van der Kooy (1963 Flentrop/Westerkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands) DVH 140028

PIERRE COCHEREAU (trans. Lombard):  Variations on Frere JacquesAnthony Hammond (1969 Walker-2002 Wood/Blackburn Cathedral, England) Priory 1026

Filler – BACH (see above)

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