1738 Müller/St Bavokerk, Haarlem, Netherlands
1738 Müller/St Bavokerk, Haarlem, Netherlands
Bavokerk, Haarlem

Out of the Depths #2412

. . . even in the hour of profound unhappiness, composers have used the organ in uplifting ways.

Hour 1

J. S. BACHChorale & Prelude, Aus tiefer Not, S. 686Bach Collegium Japan Choir; Masaaki Suzuki (1999 Garnier/Tokyo National University, Japan) Bis 1091/92

HERBERT HOWELLSPsalm Prelude, Set 2, no. 1 (De Profundis) –Christopher Dearnley (1872 Willis-1992 Mander/St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England) Hyperion 66260

ARVO PÄRTDe Profundis (Psalm 130) –Theatre of Voices/Paul Hillier; Dan Kennedy, percussion; Christopher Bowers-Broadbent (1989 Frobenius/St. Stephen’s Church, Belvedere, CA) Harmonia Mundi 907182

BACHAus tiefer Not, BWV 687James Kibbie (1722 Silbermann/Marienkirche, Rötha, Germany) Block M Records (online)

ALAN HOVHANESS:  Out of the depths, Op. 142, no. 3aGERALD NEARO magnum mysterium –Anne Suddendorf, soprano; Zumbro Lutheran & Calvary Episcopal Church Choirs/Gerald Near; Merrill N. (“Jeff”) Davis III (1970 Aeolian-Skinner/Zumbro Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN) Aeolian-Skinner 330

DIETRICH WAGLER:  Improvisation on Aus tiefer NotDietrich Wagler (1714 Silbermann/Freiberg Cathedral, Germany) Motette 12961

CHARLES HENDERSON (arr. Riggs)Deep NightJim Riggs (1927 Barton/Granada Theater, Kansas Ci9ty, KS) RTR Productions 105

Filler – HOWELLS (see above)

Hour 2

BACH (arr. Liszt)Chorus, Aus tiefer Not, fr Cantata No. 38Olivier Vernet (1888 Rinckenbach-2001 Aubertin/Collegiale Saint-Thiebault, Thann, France) Ligia Digital 0104113-02

PIET KEEAus tiefer NotPiet Kee (1738 Müller/St. Bavo Church, Haarlem, Netherlands) Xenophone 88522 

FELIX MENDELSSOHNSonata No. 3 in A, Op. 65 (Aus tiefer Not) –Ernest Bullock (Harrison/Westminster Abbey, London; r. 1930) Amphion 131

DAVID HURDO the depth of love divine –Festival Chorus & Brass/Angela Westhoff-Johnson; Doug Schneider (1996 Bond/Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, Portland, OR) OCP 30138889

PETER De ROSEDeep PurpleRon Rhode (1928 Wurlitzer/Gilson Studio, Madison, WI) Roxy Productions 104

HENDERSON (arr. Balogh): Deep Night Charlie Balogh (Wurlitzer/Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, AZ) ERB Enterprizes 110

MAX REGERAus tiefer Not, Op. 67, no. 3 and Op. 135a, no. 4Roberto Marini (1957 Steinmeyer-2002 Klais/Ottobeuren Abbey, Germany; 1927 Sauer/Moritzkirche, Halle, Germany) Brilliant Classics 97066

REGERDankpsalm, Op. 145, no. 2Roberto Marini (1912 Stahlhuth-2001 Jann/Church of St. Martin, Dudelange, Luxembourg) Brilliant Classics 97066

Filler – BACH BWV 686 (see above)

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