1995 Pasi organ pipes at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, Wash.
1995 Pasi organ pipes at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, Wash.
Jim Cook

Head Strong #2417

. . . magical and mysterious born in-the-moment creations by organists who improvise!

Hour 1

NEITHARD BETHKE:  Concerto in Old Style –Neithard Bethke (1999 Woehl/St. Martin Church, Sendenhorst, Germany) Sendenhorst 1015

SIETZE DE VRIES:  Versets on Psalm 57 – Festival Chorus/Rintje te Wies; Sietze de Vries (1692-1729 Martinikerk/Groningen, Netherlands) JSB Records 201301

DAVID BRIGGS:  Intro and Fileuse –David Briggs (1977 Kuhn/Hofkirche, Lucerne, Switzerland) Chestnut Music 013

PIERRE COCHEREAU:  Improvisation Symphony on Themes by Frescobaldi –Pierre Cochereau (1971 Ruffatti/St Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco, CA) Klavier 529

Filler – BETHKE:  Concerto, 3rd Movement (see above)

Hour 2

RONNY KRIPPNERImprovised Victorian Organ SonataRonny Krippner (1907 Walker/Bristol Cathedral, England) Fugue State Films 375389

DANIEL ROTH:  Improvisation on Two Themes –Daniel Roth (1957 Aeolian-Skinner/Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI) PD Archive (r. 6/30/86 during a national convention of the American Guild of Organists)

PETER PLANYAVSKYAlleluia & Offertorium Peter Planyavsky (1980 Pirchner/Brixen Cathedral, Austria) Motette 10541

PAMELA RUITER-FEENSTRA:  Dance Suite on Wie schön leuchtet der MorgensternPamela Ruiter-Feenstra (1995 Pasi/Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, WA) ReZound 5016

KLAAS JAN MULDER:  Improvisation on Psalm 42Klaas Jan Mulder (1724 Vater/Oude Kerk, Amsterdan, Netherlands) Festivo 129

Filler – COCHEREAU:  Toccata-Finale (see above)

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