1962-2009 Harrison/St. Albans Abbey, England
1962-2009 Harrison/St. Albans Abbey, England
Andrea Vail/Flickr Creative Commons

Making Discoveries #2425

. . . around every corner there always is something new to explore and embrace – a selective survey of recent recordings.

Hour 1

J. S. BACHConcerto in G, BWV 973 (after Vivaldi RV 299) –Konstantin Volostnov (2010 Grenzing/Tauride Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia) Melodya 10 02677

JOHANNE BRAHMSMein Jesu, der du mich, Op. 122, no. 1Konstantin Volostnov (1898 Röver/Central Church, Moscow, Russia) Naxos 8.579147

PEDRO de ARAUJOBatalha on the 6th ToneRui Fernando Soares (1730 Gomes de Herrera/Arouca Monastery, Portugal) Brilliant Classics 97076

JOHANN ULRICH STEIGLEDERVater unser im HimmelreichFilip Presseisen (1785 Liebherr-2022 Klais/Our Lady of Czestochowa, Lublin, Poland) Ars Sonora  219

HERBERT HOWELLS:  Rhapsody No. 1 in Edflat, Op. 17, no. 1 –Adriano Falcioni (1911 Lewis/Pontifical Seminary Chapel, Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo, Italy) Brilliant Classics 96983

FELA SOWANDE:  Kyrie –Darius Battiwalla (1910 Binns/Rochdale Town Hall, England) Base2 Music 09.  A doctoral thesis by Godwin Simeon Sadoh, written in 2004 during his studies at Louisiana State University, provides an insightful exploration of the largely unknown body of Fela Sowande’s organ music.

Filler – BACH/VIVALDI (see above…final movement)

Hour 2

GASTON LITAIZE:  2 Pieces (Epiphanie & Regis Tharsis) –Olivier Vernet (2012 Thomas/Monaco City Cathedral, Monaco) Ligia Digital 0104370/-23

WILLIAM ALBRIGHTIn Memoriam (1983)Angela Amodio (2004 Speth/Jesuit Church, Vienna, Austria) Ambiente-Audio 2044

EDWARD ELGAR:  2 Pieces (Chanson du matin, Op. 15, no. 1; Imperial March, Op. 32) –Jean-Luc Etienne (1912 Stahlhuth-2002 Jann/St. Martin’s Church, Dudelange, Luxembourg) Hortus Edition 103

ELIZABETH POSTON:  3 Pieces (The Queen of Sheba’s Song; Happy are thy men; Sing unto the Lord) –Nina Vinther, mezzo-soprano; St. Albans Girls Choir & Lay Clerks/Tom Winpenny; Oliver Morrell (1962 Harrison/St. Alban’s Cathedral, England) Naxos 8.574576

ARNOLD COOKE:  2 Pieces (Impromptu; Prelude for Tudeley) –Tom Winpenny (1962 Harrison/St. Alban’s Cathedral, England) Toccata Classics 0659

GERALD HENDRIEToccata & Fugue, fr Le Tombeau de Marcel Dupré  –Tom Winpenny (1962 Harrison/St. Alban’s Cathedral, England) Toccata Classics 0684

Filler – ELGAR: Imperial March (see above)

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