Barone on the Road: Pipedreams Live!
Learn how to host a live Pipedreams broadcast in your area.

 Aural Fireworks
If you desire some aural fireworks, Pipedreams host Michael Barone serves as master-of-ceremonies for the annual Independence Day Organ Concert at Washington National Cathedral. Enjoy the audio and video from the archived 2015 program here as well as excerpts from 2011-2012-2013 July Fourth concerts featured in PIPEDREAMS Program #1426.

 Organ Focus Calendar
Listings of current and upcoming organ concerts and recitals around the world.

 Minnesota Regional Calendar
Find upcoming organ events in and around Minnesota.




Printable program listings
Printable versions of monthly Pipedreams program listings.

Organ Photos/Specs Gallery
Enjoy photographs of pipe organs from around the world that have been featured in Pipedreams broadcasts.

Organizational Links
Find out more about organ organizations (AGO, ATOS, APOBA, OHS, etc.) and other related connections.


About Organ Music


 Behind the Facade: A Listener’s Guide to the Pipe Organ
A description of the mechanics of how an organ works.

 The Beginnings
These links take you back to the very origins of the pipe organ story.

 Organ and Orchestra
A list of repertoire featuring organ and orchestra.

 CDs, scores, and other music materials
Check these listings for reliable distributors from whom you can purchase the music-related items you desire.

 Organ Music for Good Listening
An in-depth discography of organ repertoire.

A database of organ festivals, concerts, competitions, courses, tours, and more.

 Encyclopedia of Organ Stops
This work is an attempt to produce a truly comprehensive and complete encyclopedia of pipe organ stops. To date there are over 900 distinct entries, and the index contains over 2000 stop names.

 Pipe organs are popping up in concert halls nationwide. Now—what to play on them?
Includes listing of pieces for organ and orchestra

 The Art of Fugue
Starting with a simple musical theme, Bach turns it inside out and upside down through 18 movements, showing once and for all that he is the Meister of Fugue. And yet Bach supposedly left it unfinished. Did Bach die pen-in-hand? Is it a musical puzzle? Come explore the mysteries of Bach’s Art of Fugue.

 Organ Tuning - Wikipedia
An article that describes the process and techniques involved in the tuning a pipe organ.


Personalities and the Organ Culture


 René Becker
Biography and legacy of this little known composer for the organ.

 E. Power Biggs
Biography and legacy of this legendary performer.

 Pilar Cabrera
Website for one of Spain’s leading concert organists.

 Catharine Crozier
A tribute to an icon of American organ performance and pedagogy.

 Wilma Jensen
A biographical sketch and slideshow featuring this prominent American organist.

 Family Secret
Stephen Paulus has a skill for writing works for soloists, singers, chamber ensembles, chorale groups and opera companies. Learn about his family secret that encouraged him.

 Remembering Stephen Paulus
A tribute to Minnesotan composer Stephen Paulus (1949-2014).

 Remembering John Scott
A tribue to the artisty of English-born organist and choral conductor John Scott, who died unexpectedly at age 59 on August 12, 2015.

 George Steinmeyer
Michael talks with the engineer who recorded E. Power Biggs in Europe.

 Richard Stewart
David Engen writes about the Stewart Prelude for Organ and Tape.

 Mickey Thomas Terry, Ph.D.
A biographical sketch and selected bibliography of African-American organist Mickey Thomas Terry, Ph.D.

 Paintings in Sound
A brief history of organists inspired by the visual arts.

 Pipedreams at 20: A Milestone Observed, a Glance Backward, and a Look to the Future
Mary Ann Dodd, of  The American Organist Magazine, thanks Michael Barone for 20 years of excellence in broadcasting and reflects on the significance of the program, its present status, and its future possibilities.

 Elbert Pluer Bandorganbuilding
A bandorgan builder from the Netherlands.

 Rising Stars
Winners of the American Guild of Organist’s Regional Competition for Young Organists in 2000.

 African-American Organ Composers
Mickey Thomas Terry, Ph.D., writes about the most influential African-American organ composers of the mid- to late 20th century.

 Calgary International Organ Festival and Competition - 2002
Biographies and performances from the 2002 Royal Bank Calgary Organ Festival and Competition.

 Twenty Years on the Organ Trail
Pipedreams celebrates its 20th anniversary in January 2002 and proves that some bright ideas never dim—even for the youngest among us.

 Dallas International Organ Competition
Pipedreams takes us to the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas where three young artists vie for the gold prize.

 Why the Organ?
Yes, it has more than 2,000 years of history, but it’s still an exciting and surprising instrument. Find out why.




 The Skinner organ of Elm Court
An exploration of a Skinner organ in pristine condition at the private residence of Elm Court in Butler, PA.

 The Organs of Ireland
A listing of web pages devoted to pipe organs in Ireland.

 The Organs of Oaxaca, Mexico
With a refreshing and colorful spirit, instruments in the village of Tlacochahuaya, La Soledad Basilica and the Oaxaca Cathedral illuminate the stories of organists Elisa Freixo, Cristina Garcia Banegas and Roberto Fresco. This is a precious heritage, deserving our careful attention and enthusiastic support.

 The Organ at Saint Norbert’s Abbey
Paul Emmons, Music Librarian at West Chester University, West Chester, PA, writes about the organ at Saint Norbert’s Abbey.

 Dutch Radio Organ Recital Archive
Download and play organ recitals broadcast by the Netherlands Christian Radio Society (NCRV) from an archive going as far back as the 1950s. The concerts are cd-quality, better than many FM transmissions. Listening requires a fast internet connection. The website shows CONCERT OF THE WEEK. On the right side under NIEUW (new) Listings of available concerts. For the ARCHIVE/ARCHIEF, click: zoek in het archief and find out what is in the archives.

 ORGAN promotion
A European based organization that sponsors organ tours, classes and lectures.

 Pipe Organs in Chile
This site includes organ listing by builder, organ listing by preferred use and the chilean organ catalogue.

 Kids Like Organ Music, Too!
In October 2001, 7th-graders from all over Duluth, Minnesota, got to explore the music, history, and inner workings of the “king of instruments” at First United Methodist Church, courtesy of Michael Barone and Minneapolis organist Dan Schwandt.




 Pipedreams Premieres, Vol. 2
American Record Guide’s review of Pipedreams Premieres, Vol. 2.

 News From Aeolus
Michael Barone’s reviews of Aeolus compact discs.

Read Michael Barone’s review of Paul Halley’s Nightwatch album.

 A Regal Treasure—A Sonic Pleasure
A recent Pipedreams highlight was a superb new compact disc set from BMG France, featuring historic and new instruments and astounding young talent. Michael Barone reviews the entire 25-CD Set.

 Diane Belcher’s CD wins Golden Ears Award
Read Michael Alan Fox’s review of Diane Belcher’s CD series.