Pipedreams Live!

Past Events

Hear what a Pipedreams Live! event sounds like!

…in Dallas, Texas:

PD Live! in Dallas #1147

PD Live! with the Dallas Wind Symphony #0747

Merriment at the Meyerson #0713

 Pomp and Pipes! #9939

 Concert Clips #1638

 PD Live! at the Meyerson Symphony Center #1723

…in Houston, Texas:

PD Live! at Broadway Baptist #1607

…at the University of Kansas:

PD Live! at the University of Kansas #1414

…in Rochester, New York:

PD Live! in Rochester (Part 1) #0942

PD Live! in Rochester (Part 2) #1014

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…in Collegedale, Tennessee:

PD Live! in Collegedale, Tennessee #0903

…in Holland, Michigan:

PD Live! in Holland (MI) #1705

…in the Twin Cities of Minnesota:

PD Live! at AGO 2008 (Part 2) #0843

PD Live! at AGO 2008 (Part 1) #0840

PD Live! In St. Paul #2020

…in the Bloomington, Indiana:

PD Live! at IU (I) #1641

PD Live! at IU (II) #1642

…in Tallahassee, Florida;
        New Brunswick, New Jersey;
        and Cincinnati, Ohio:

 PD Live! #0742

…in Grand Rapids, Michagan:

 Autumn Comes Again #0442

…in Atlanta, Georgia:

 PD Live! In Atlanta #2018

The Concept

Now and then, Pipedreams host Michael Barone likes to venture out into the real world, to contravene convention, cordially communicate, and, with luck, transfer some of the essence (and the charm, too?) of the weekly Pipedreams broadcasts into audience-friendly performance events that entertain audiences young and old who come out to hear organ music in a vibrant concert setting Pipedreams Live!

He works in conjunction with the local chapter of the American Guild of Organists and the area’s public radio station, and builds a program around available resources and regional talent. These programs may have a theme, such as “The Organ as Synthesizer,” or “Of Sound and Spirit,” or they may be musical miscellanies that mix familiar and unusual repertoire. Often, pieces by local composers past and present are included.

The Impact

Pipedreams Live! concert has a flavor different from the usual organ recital. Michael provides verbal program notes, converses with players and composers, and demonstrates the mechanism and sound-pallette of the featured instrument. Audience members ask questions, musicians reveal themselves, and clarity is achieved in an entertaining way. Formality is replaced by friendly good nature, flavorful repartee, and exciting musical revelations. Unlikely and unknown compositions make their points. Superb local players get a chance to shine.

Listeners in Dallas, Little Rock, Pittsburgh, Columbus (OH), San Antonio, Toledo, Grand Rapids (MI), Richmond, Roanoke, Los Angeles, Greenville (SC), Atlanta, Provo, Gainesville, New Brunswick, Queens (NY), Iowa City, Boston, and Buffalo (NY) have responded warmly to the Pipedreams Live! concert concept. Many venues have attracted near capacity crowds (larger than usual for local organ recital events), and a recent program at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas, Texas, filled the 2100-seat hall and turned away several hundred more (sorry, folks!).

The Realization

To get a Pipedreams Live! event off the ground, start first with your local American Guild Of Organists chapter, and have them start conversations with your local public radio station managers. Then, if you have the right ingredients, a Pipedreams Live! event may work for your community. Should you be interested in finding out more, drop us a line to:

Pipedreams Live! Performances,
480 Cedar Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Or phone: 651-290-1539, or email us.

This could be the beginning of something really fun.