1728 Cahman
1728 Cahman

Sweden Tour: May 20-June 2, 2023

Dear Pipedreams Friends (and Fanatics),

Finally, after many hurdles have been jumped, chasms crossed, and impediments removed, we are able to announce the 2023 PIPEDREAMS Tour in Sweden.  I apologize for the long period of uncertainty. 

The acclaimed recitalist and teacher Hans Fagius will be our in-residence ‘organ guru’, and the ever resourceful and genial Tim Schmutzler again will be our ‘crew chief’.

Linked below is sufficient information to start you on your way.  I hope your eagerness has not diminished during this period of uncertainty… and I look forward to seeing you in Sweden (and Copenhagen), if not before.

Do consider arriving a day early, to acclimate to the time-change/jet lag and perhaps see a bit more of Copenhagen that is otherwise not part of our itinerary.  The folks at Borton Overseas can help you with hotel arrangements.

Also, please let us know your ultimate travel plans.  Depending on arrivals in Copenhagen, we have (as noted) the option of an organ visit or two that first afternoon.  We will make plans according to your availability.

If/when you send in your application, please email me, too, so that I know whom to expect.

Thanks for your patience.  This will be fun (exhausting, but fun)!


Michael Barone