1927 Wurlitzer organ, Opus 1571, at Place de la Musique, Sanfilippo Residence, Barrington, Illinois

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#0240: Autumn Leaves

The colors may be noteworthy, but the lengthening of days spells a change of season. This week we’ll steady ourselves against fall, with several musical impressions of summer’s end. Clarence Mader penned an October Interlude, Joseph Bonnet wrote several Autumn Poems, and Antonio Vivaldi takes us on a fox hunt through the crisp countryside. Walt Strony and Lyn Larsen play some seasonal pops favorites, and Kurt Luedders, Cherry Rhodes and Graham Barber lead us in a pageant of color. When the short sleeved shirt gets replaced by a jacket and scarf, you know that summer is behind us and a new season awaits. Enjoy music which embraces the best of fall and join us as we reflect on the multiplicity of colors in Autumn Leaves.

#0319: Going on Record

From sprightly Renaissance dances to grandious concertos, this week’s show celebrates the many diverse elements that make organ music so remarkable. The fact that this instrument dates from the 16th century adds a sense of history. Beyond that, however, style, emotion, and compositional and mechanical ingenuity all play a part in creating an art filled that creates a multi-faceted experience ranging from restraint to rejoicing. Whether in a charming transcription, an anthem accompaniment, or a zesty concert finale, the king of instruments does it all. Discover it yourself as we listening to recently released compact discs from around the world. We’re Going On Record.

#0330: Archive of The Art of the Theatre Organ

Gear up for a super-sonic adventure, as Stephen Adams of the American Theatre Organ Society joins me for a selective survey of organ music in popular mode. We’ll listen to top American talent Lyn Larsen on Wurlitzers in public arenas and private music rooms. Legendary British greats Reginald Foort, Quentin Maclean and Sidney Torch recall the styles of yesteryear, while the inimitable George Wright presents his indellible art at the San Francisco Fox and in three different metamorphoses of instruments custom designed to match his magic touch. Hasten to recall that before it’s involvement with the church, the pipe organ was an instrument of the people, as we listen to The Art of the Theatre Organ.

#0338: The Organ at Home

One problem a few lucky organists don’t have to deal with is knowing where they’re going to practice. This week, we go to the homes of several fortunate organists and organ lovers to experience the instruments that they have had installed. While some are modest and have only a few stops, others are as big as a house and even play themselves. Each providing incredible enjoyment to all who listen. Whether in an English manor room, a musician’s private studio, or the parlor of a successful American businesman, our music comes from neither church nor concert hall. These are pipe dreams come true. Has the King of Instruments been domesticated? Find out, as we visit The Organ at Home.

#0523: That Golden Glow

A 50th anniversary celebration of the ongoing activities of the American Theatre Organ Society. Theatre organs, invented to provide accompaniment to ‘silent films’ in the early days of the 20th century, found themselves unneeded in their original line of work by the mid 1930s. Yet their novel and engaging sounds continue to fascinate and entertain. Check next month’s A.T.O.S. National Convention, July 1-5, 2005 in Los Angeles, CA. Contact the Organ Historical Society Catalog for access to a large variety of theater organ recordings on compact disc.